How to Stay healthyThanks for ‘Visiting and Stopping by’ ‘At My Website’, The Website would put you on a Path of Complete Health & Wellness. The Aim of the Website is to Make You-Your own Doctors, and be away from Doctors-Chemical Laden Medicines-With Mostly Toxic Side-Effects.

The Attitude and Aptitude:
Most Say   :   If any-one can do, why should I do?! If no-one can do, what Can I Do?!
I Say   :  If any-one can do, I can do! If no-one can do, I Must Do 

Yes friends, a Positive Attitude, Open Mindedness, and a bit of Aptitude is all that is required to become our own doctors…Do read ‘The Website’ with an open mind! Do proceed Down the Page, and see for yourself 'The Testimonies', as to how The Project has benefited many...

Brief Overview on what is covered in this website (Navigating The Website), such as to fulfil the Requirements of Three Sides of a Triangle (Block Entry of Bio-Toxins to Body; Eliminate Bio-Toxins; Increase Subtle-Physical Powers), and much more...

The Website Layout

    1. About Self & Mission of This Project:
      A Run-Down on My Life-Career,

      Mission-Vision of This Whole Project (Now a Company-with Same Name!) and

      End of My Medical Miseries-Forever!
    2. Lifestyle and Eating Habits:
      Clear all your Myths on Lifestyle & Eating Habits-A Big Roadblock to a Happy, Healthy & Peaceful Life.
    3. Cures to Ailments: Has various Sub-Categories such as...
      Ayurvedic Cures to Ailments: Covers detailed guide to handle large-many ailments. Sub-Categories formed as per guidance of "International Classification of Diseases",Vedic-Organic Farming & Vedic-A2 Cow,The Homeopathy and
      Breathing Exercises & Meditation.
    4. Herbs-Other Articles: Has various Sub-Categories such as...
      Ayurvedic Herbs and
      Other Consumables.
    5. Ayurveda for Layman: Covered under many Sub-Categories.
    6. Health Related Relevant Topics: Has various Sub-Categories such as...
      pH Concept , Alternative Medicinal Cures (Controversial Colloids!) , Body Nutrients and more...
    7. Our Health Kit.

May we all have a Happy, Healthy and Divine Life. God Bless Us All!

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