About SH70-StayHealthyTill70

Thanks for ‘Visiting and Stopping by’ ‘At My Website’, The Website would put you on a Path of Complete Health & Wellness. The Aim of the Website is to Make You-Your own Doctors, and be away from Doctors-Chemical Laden Medicines-With Mostly Toxic Side-Effects.  

The Attitude and Aptitude:
Most Say: 
If any-one can do, why should I do?! If no-one can do, what Can I Do?!
I Say: If any-one can do, I can do! If no-one can do, I Must Do ?!!!

The Website Layout - Brief Overview: The whole Project revolves around "Three Sides of a Triangle" such as 'Prevent Formation or Block Entry of Bio-Toxins into the Body', 'Detox the Body-Expel Bio-Toxins' & 'Enhance Subtle-Physical Powers...

Without wasting any more of your time, let me present the various aspects-sections of the website:

  1. As mentioned before, first priority is to let our Divine Blood do its job. Get your Myths & Facts straight on Lifestyle & Eating Habits!
  2. Next comes Detoxifying the Body (& getting it back to it's natural State) where "Research Based SH70 Products" have a huge role to play along with various other Website Categories such as
    • "Natural Remedies" (Which further has sub-categories such as 'Ayurvedic Natural Remedies', 'Unconventional Cures (Understanding of many of Sh70 Products in detail)' & 'Homeopathy',
    •  "Physical-Subtle Health Related" (Which further has sub-categories such as 'The pH Concept', 'All about Nutrition-Macro-Micro-Trace Nutrients', 'Pranayama' & more...
  1. 'Ayurveda for Layman-Understanding of Ayurveda in real simple terms',
  2. Wish to try out your hands on Ayurvedic Aushadhies! It's best to learn about them first! Category "Herbs - Other Articles" is dedicated to understanding Ayurvedic Properties of whole range of Spices!,
  3. Seeing others having been rid off their peculiar medical miseries really does help! "The Testimonials",
  4. About Self & Mission of This Project, wherein you would find a 'Brief run-down on my life-career (Traumatic!)', 'Mission & Vision of The Project SH70' & more.

May we all have a Happy, Healthy and Divine Life. God Bless Us All!

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