Additional Remedies to High BP, Bad Blood Cholesterol, Diabetes…

This Post should be read, along with Ayurvedic – Natural Remedies to Diabetes ;

Additional Remedies to High BP, Bad Blood Cholesterol, Diabetes……are only mentioned from academic point of view, such that, what may be easily available at one place, might not be at the other place (Though, each one of them is very Effective!):

  1. Make a mixture comprising of 1 teaspoon each of turmeric powder, Awla (Indian Gooseberry) powder, and Fenugreek Seed (Maithe Daana) Powder. Take ½ of this mixture in the morning, mixed with water, and the other half, mixed with water, in the evening,
  2. Daily morning have 2-3 tea spoons (max.) Geloy Ras with honey (taken in equal quantity), Giloy may be consumed in the form of Powder, Decoction, or Extract,
  3. Daily night before sleeping, have Trifula Churna (1 tea spoon) with honey (1 tea spoon), followed by some lukewarm water, if you have to, to take the whole medicine in,
  4. Bitter Gourd (Karela, in Hindi): It regulates Blood Sugar metabolism in the entire body, and is thus effective in treatment of type 1 and type 2 Diabetes, Extract the juice of Bitter Gourd. Fill 3/4th glass with bitter gourd extract and the remaining 1/4th glass with lukewarm water. Consume a glass of this, empty stomach, early in the morning,
  5. Consume Raw Awla (or Awla, Indian Gooseberry), three of them daily, and do remove the seeds. Again, it is best consumed empty stomach,
  6. Add Awla Juice and Bitter Gourd Juice in equal quantities, and have a cup of this mixture for a period of 3 months, have a break for 15-20 days, and re-continue till you get all right,
  7. Chew 8-10 Curry Leaves daily. Also useful in Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Blood Pressure and Obesity,
  8. Always drink boiled water, cooled to little above room temperature, and if you have no issues with your kidneys (we will handle kidney related issues in a separate section), drink plenty of it, it will thin down the blood a bit, reduce cholesterol, and that is what we want!
  9. Take 1-2 pieces of raw garlic, crush it and have it in the morning,
  10. Have White Onion Juice (Ras) with Honey,
  11. Take Aniseed and/or Fennel Seeds after meals,
  12. Also, before going to sleep, Put 2-3 drops of ghee on the naval area and do gentle massage before going to sleep,
  13. Put 2-3 drops of Desi Cow Ghee (melted, on Hot Spoon, but no direct fire) in both the nostrils before going to sleep.

Favourable: Desi Cow Milk (Limited), Butter Milk (Chaajh, in Hindi), Awla, Orange, Garlic, Desi Cow Ghee (Limited), Rock Salt (Sendha Namak), Green Leafy Vegetables.

Unfavourable: Sour (Except Lemon), Oily Stuff, Salt (Except Rock Salt), Refined Oils, Potato, Heavy Foods, Eating Food Late at Night, Liquor, Smoking, Paan with Limestone

N.B. (1): One very important routine for Diabetic patients would be to have a heavy breakfast, and then have an early dinner (before sunset). In between, fruits, boiled vegetables, boiled pulses (in open utensils) etc. may be had.

N.B. (2): Just remember one thing, whenever you have to take 2 or more than 2 Ayurvedic medicines, just keep a gap of 40 minutes, between the two.

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