Sesame (Black) Oil-काले तिल का तेल-Sesamum Indicum

Sesame (Black) Oil-काले तिल का तेल-Sesamum Indicum (V-P+K-):

The different Species of Sesame give us various coloured Oils such as White, Yellow, Black… The Black Sesame-Til Oil has the most Medicinal & Healing Properties.  The Plant grows as a Small Bush and is available throughout India. Sesame (Black) Oil-काले तिल का तेल-Sesamum Indicum is Bitter & Sweet in Taste. Virya is Hot and Vipaka is Sweet. It is Heavy, Sukshma (Enters Deeper Layers of Tissues), Tikshna (Piercing-Penetrating) and Vyavayi (Highly Bio-Available to Body Tissues-Gets absorbed easily). It Pacifies Mostly Vata & Kapha and May Derange Pitta if taken in excess. As Vata runs Cold & Dry, it would be especially useful (For Northern India!) from October through February. Sesamum Indicum is a Sattvic Herb. This is the Best Base Oil for Manufacturing other Herbal Oils.

Bio-Chemically Sesame (Black) Oil-काले तिल का तेल-Sesamum Indicum is a Rich Source of Minerals (Such as Calcium (Required for Nutrients Assimilation of Nutrients/Anti Spasmodic), Copper (Provides Optimum Nerve Force to the body), Iron (Optimum Haemoglobin-Anaemia Prevention), Magnesium (Combats Diabetes, Anti-Spasmodic), Manganese, Phosphorous, Selenium, Zinc (Provides Bone Density/Health)…), Proteins, Dietary-Beneficial Fibres and Vitamins (Such as A, B-Complex (Niacin, Thiamine, Vitamin-B1-Nervine, B6), E, K…),  Good Source of an Amino Acid Methionine, Beneficial Un-Saturated Fatty Acids (Including High Percentage of Linoleic Acid [Responsible for Anti-Microbial-Anti-Inflammatory Properties & More…] & Omega Acids-3, 6 & 9)

Indications (Medicinal uses): It is Anti-Microbial (Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Removes Free Radicals from The Body), Immune System-Metabolic Stimulant-Anti-Cancerous (Removes AMA-Moves Toxins to Inner Pathway of Diseases for their easy elimination from Body-Blood Cleanser, Restricts growth of Malignant Cancer/Tumour Cells…), Digestive System-Abdominal Health (Stimulates Digestive Fire, Carminative-Laxative), Respiratory System-Oral-Teeth-Ear Health (Tooth Ache-Infection, Used for Oil Pulling, Ear Ache-Infection), Circulatory System (Reduces Bad Blood Cholesterol, Regulated Blood Pressure-Even for Kidney Patients! Blood Cleanser-Regulates Blood-Lymph flow around the Body), Skin-Hair Health (Disinfects-Cleanses Wounds, Tones-Moisturises Skin, Prevents Hairfall-Greying of Hair, Promotes Hair Growth-Darkens-Thickens Them……), Bone Health-Anti-Inflammatory (Arthritis, Strengthens Bones-Muscles & Joints Health…), Liver-Kidney Stimulant, Neural Disorders (Improves Memory-Intelligence, Insomnia, Aphrodisiac…), Disorders-Injuries (Especially to Liver-Kidney) caused due “Modern Medicines-Aminoglycosides…” (Contained in Antibiotics)…

How may we consume ‘The Plant’:

  1. Seeds Powder (Upto 1/3rd– ½ Tsp.),
  2. Leaves Powder,
  3. Oil (Up to 2 Tsp. a Day) – Massage or Ingest or Oil Pulling– See ‘Specific Medicinal Cures’,
  4. Paste (Apply on Wounds),
  5. Poultice,
  6. Decoction,
  7. Nasal Therapy (Drops may also be instilled to Ears),
  8. For Enema,
  9. Various forms may safely be used Internally & Externally,
  10. If kept in an Air Tight Bottle, Cool & Dry Place, away from Sunlight, the Oil would not get Rancid & could be stored-used for Upto 10-12 Months…

Few of the Sesame (Black) Oil-काले तिल का तेल-Sesamum Indicum ‘Specific Medicinal Cures’:

  1. Immune System-Metabolic Stimulant:
  • Full Body-Abhyanga Massage: It is easily & highly absorbable, has Soothing & Healing effects on Deeper Skin Layers and is helpful in controlling and curing many skin ailments, including Eczema and Psoriasis. A Strong Swedana Therapy (Heavy Sweating) after Oil Massage removes toxins, even from the deeper skin layers & expels them from body in the form of sweat. This improves Body’s Strength and Vigour. Add Ginger to oil to stimulate a better blood circulation,
  • Mild Massage: Counters ill-Effects from over-exposure to Wind & Sun,
  • Head-Scalp Massage: Prevents Hair Thinning-Loss-Baldness, Stimulates Hair Growth, Greying of hair, Helpful for Dry Skin-Dandruff & is a Nervine-Rejuvenate. Deep-Mild Massage is best done Twice a Week at least 30-45 minutes before shower (Highly Vata Pacifying),
  • Mild Facial Massage: Mild Massage on Skin, let it be for 30 Minutes, take a warm water bath. Do this at least Twice-Thrice a Week. This Tightens Skin & Gives Natural Glow,
  • Mild Nostril Massage: Mild Massage in-around Nostrils provides protection against Viral-Bacterial Infections,
  • Enema: Do it Once a week, especially cold seasons, and always keep your Metabolic System intact, Stay Up & About,
  1. Respiratory System-Oral Health:
  • Mouth Ulcers-Gum Cavities-Plaque-Bad Breath-Throat Infections: Oil Pulling (Take a Mouthful & Keep-Swish-Gargle it in Your Mouth for Few Minutes, Spit it out. Please understand this oil is not to be taken inside the body. Coconut Oil is better preferred if handling Pitta Vitiated Cases! Oil Pulling-Done with appropriate Oil is even beneficial in Migraines),
  1. Bone Health:
  • Arthritis: Abhyanga Massage followed by strong Swedana Therapy is helpful in even Severe Muscle Spasms (Sciatica, Dysmenorrhoea (Painful menstruation), Joint Pains, Colic, Backache…). Amazing results may be expected if Sesame Oil Used is Impregnated with some DMSO and/or Simple Massage with Sesame Oil (Heated & 2-5 Pinches of Black Pepper added) on Painful Joints & left overnight should do a lot of good,
  1. Liver-Kidney Stimulant:
  • For Liver-Kidney General Good Health: Cook your Meals in Black Sesame Oil!
  1. Excretory-Reproductive System Disorders:
  • Painful Discharge (Via Urethra or Vagina): Drink (Ingest) 2 Tsps. of Black Sesame Oil Twice a day,
  • Amenorrhoea: Dip a Tsp. of Sesame Seeds overnight, Next Morning add a Tsp. or Two of Jaggery to it, Drink this water & Eat up the Seeds too,
  1. Neural Disorders:
  • Insomnia: Massage your Foot Soles with Black Sesame Oil before going to Sleep. 

Cautions-Contra-Indications: Let me list few points pointwise:

  1. In Excess, the consumption of sesame seeds may cause abortion in colon, thus Vitiating Mostly Pitta & Kapha, and thus is best limited to a Tsp. or Two a Day,
  2. Best is to keep changing oils used for cooking between Mustard Oil (Kachcha Ghani) and Black sesame Oil (Kachcha Ghani), alternatively every week,
  3. ‘Abhyanga (Full Body Massage)’ should not be done after the body has undergone Ayurvedic Purification Procedures, like Emesis, Purgation and Enema,
  4. Also, Abhyanga is best avoided in initial stages of fever and while the person is suffering from indigestion…
  5. Comparison of Sesame Oil & Coconut Oil (For Hair or Arthritis or Otherwise): The Potency of Coconut Oil is Cooling (and thus would tend to Increase-Vitiate Vata & Kapha especially in Cold Seasons-Countries) and is Best advised for Pitta Vitiated Cases, whereas The Potency of Sesame Oil is Warming-Heating and is Best advised for Vata-Kapha Vitiated Cases (Such as for Patients suffering from Kapha Vitiated Cough-Cold-Sinusitis-Asthma…Coconut Oil is Best Avoided) (Let’s say only Coconut Oil is available, best is to Heat it with Pinches of Black Pepper)…You know what! Vata-Kapha Dominant People may Blend Coconut & Sesame Oil in the ratio 1:2 whereas Pitta Dominant People may Blend Coconut & Sesame Oil in the ratio of 2:1!

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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