Medicinal-Non-Medicinal Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)-How to Consume

It is literally not possible to even mention 1% of the total possible Medicinal-Non-Medicinal Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), if I may dare say so! But, what I would attempt is to at least broadly mention few possibilities of H2O2 to be useful as ‘Our Doctor at Home’ & our first-aid at hand.

Having read a bit of the theory in the previous post, let us straight come to the benefits of ‘This Natural Health Dynamite!’ Please remember it must be much further diluted from 3-5% concentration that is available for The Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Potency is quite Heating! In little excess would easily Vitiate Pitta.

Indications-Medicinal Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide:

  1. Anti-Microbial-Metabolic-Immune System Booster-Anti-Cancerous: Internal Consumption (in Controlled-Diluted Concentrations only!) of Hydrogen Peroxide increases Oxygen content of Blood-Body Tissues and also provides a freely available ‘Nascent Oxygen Atom’ to the body. This, as per studies-tests-reports-testimonials supposedly has great positive effect on various dreaded-chronic disorders…
  • Viral-Bacterial-Fungal Infections (Literally any of them!): Applied topically on affected areas & internally consumed as 2-8 drops added to Colloidal Silver & Copper alternatively,
  • Regulates Endocrine-Hormonal System (Along with almost all of other Systems, including highly beneficial for Thyroid Hormone!),
  • Aids Glucose Utilisation in the body and thus Regulates Blood Sugar levels,
  • Severe Microbial Infections (HIV-AIDS, Auto-Immune Disorders…),
  1. Respiratory System-Oral-Ear Health:
  • Common Cough & Cold: 2-10 Drops of 3-5% H2O2 to 2-3 Tsp 40ppm Colloidal Silver (or Copper as the case may be),
  • Asthma- Emphysema [Chronic-Excess Inflation of Alveoli-Air Sacs in Lungs]: Drops with Colloidal Silver & Copper alternatively (along with other Asthma remedies-appropriate diet),
  • Nasal Congestion-Sinusitis: Use 0.25-0.5 % Food Grade H2O2 as a nasal spray and/or Add 1-5 drops to a Tsp. or Two of Colloidal Silver & put 2 Drops of this mixture to each nostril,
  • Plaque-Yellow Teeth: Add few drops of H2O2 (1% or more Dilute) to a thin solution of NaHCO3, and apply (gently massage) it on your teeth/gums, once or twice daily for few days. In case of Tooth Ache, simply hold 3% (or dilute) Hydrogen Peroxide in your mouth for few minutes,
  • Bad Breath/Mouth Infection: Rinse your Mouth with Dilute Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide Twice a Day,
  • Teeth Whitening: Sprinkle 1-3 Pinches of baking Soda & Pour 2-8 Drops of H2O2 (As Comfortable & Tolerable) onto your Brush before putting Herbal Paste for brushing teeth at least Thrice/Week (Enjoy the positive effects & do share your feedbacks!),
  • Mouth Sores: Add 2-10 drops of 3-5 % H2O2 to a cup of water, Rinse-Swish it in your mouth, spit out. Do this few times a day. Do consume things of cool Potency (Liquorice, Coconut water-Oil, A2 Ghee, Rose Water…) & Avoid things of Hot Potency (Chillies, Sour & Salty taste, Avoid Curd & go for Butter-Milk…),
  • Ear Infections: Put a drop of 0.25-0.5 % Food Grade H2O2 to each ear Twice-Thrice/Day. This would clear out the Infection/s-Blockages in the ear and/or add 2-15 drops of 3-5% H2O2 to a cup of water & drink it,
  1. Skin-Nails Health:
  • Wounds: H2O2 is a Natural Anti-Septic. We may use a dilute solution (Best is Drops added to Colloidal Silver or else just add Drop to plain water and apply) to disinfect small wounds,
  • Acne/Pimples [Removes Dead Skin-Clears Scars]: Use a Very Dilute Solution (2-10 Drops to ½ a cup of water, make sure it doesn’t touch your hair, it would Bleach them, making them Golden!!) of Hydrogen Peroxide as a Face Rinse and get rid of your Acne/Pimples,
  • Boils: Apply “Cotton Swab + 1-3 Pinches of Baking Soda + Drops of 1 % H2O2” and/or simply soak affected area in water with H2O2 added,
  • Boils-Corns-Calluses-Foot Fungus-Dermal Parasites: Mix ½-1 Tsp. 3-5% H2O2 to a Litre of warm water & soak the affected parts,
  • Nail Health: Use Cotton swab, put few drops of 3-5% H2O2 & rub-gently massage nails; This should aide Nails get their Natural Glow & also prevent them from disorders such as nail Fungus,
  1. Enema: Add-Mix around a Tsp. or Two of 3-5% H2O2 to ½-1 Litre of lukewarm water and use app. 200 mL of this for Enema,
  2. Vata-Kapha Disorders: Potency is quite Heating, Supposedly Instant Stimulation of Metabolic System happens & has Pacifying effect on Vata Disorders (Arthritis, Migraines…) and Kapha Disorders (LDL, VLDL, Triglycerides, Diabetes…),
  3. Fruits & Vegetables Hygiene: Wash them in a Dilute Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide before finally Rinsing-Washing then and Using-Cooking them…

 Non-Medical Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide:

  1. Clean Pathogen Breeding Grounds (Wood Corners): Add Vinegar to the H2O2 3% Solution (1:1), use chemical gloves and clean up such areas,
  2. Floor Tiles: Sprinkle it directly onto the Dirty Areas – Effective natural Sanitiser,
  3. Toilet Sink/Pot Stains: Just spray undiluted Hydrogen Peroxide onto the stained areas, let it soak for ½ an hour, rinse-wash the areas,
  4. Glass Surfaces: Spray Hydrogen Peroxide on Dirty Glass Surfaces, and wipe it away with a smooth cotton cloth,
  5. Algae in your Fish Aquarium: Use Syringe & apply directly to algae-very slowly!
  6. Bleaching-Whitening Agent: Soak your old-stained clothes for some time in Hydrogen Peroxide solution to get their whiteness back. Effective even in blood stains, but then use this only on white clothes. It may bleach the dark coloured clothes & Bleach Them!

Organic Farming:

  1. It is used in Organic farming as a Micro-biocide,
  2. Soaking Seeds: This removes fungal spores from seeds and also increases their germination rate. One reason why rain water stimulates plant growth is this: The falling rain water (H2O) picks up an extra oxygen from the atmospheric ozone (O3), and this extra oxygen is made available to the plants via falling rain (via formation of Hydrogen Peroxide),
  3. Seed Sprouting: Add 5-15 mL 3-5 % H2O2 to ½-1 Litre of Distilled Water and soak the seeds overnight…

My Choice for Food Grade H2o2:
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