Apamarga-अपामार्ग-Achyranthes Aspera

Apamarga-अपामार्ग-Achyranthes Aspera (V-K-, P+ in excess):

It has Prickly Chaff Flowers and various parts of the Plant (Roots, Seeds & Leaves) are used for their Medicinal Values. It could be white or red & is found as a weed (Grows up to around a meter or two& found at Roadsides, Wastelands!). It is Bitter and Pungent. Virya is Warming to Heating (in Excess). Vipaka is Pungent. It is Light, Dry and Sharp-Penetrating. It Pacifies Vata & Kapha & expels excess Pitta from Body.

Bio-Chemically: Consists of many important Bio-Organic Compounds (& Volatile Oils) such as Rhamnose, Xylose, Dihydroxy Ketones, Alkaloids, Saponins, Glucose, Galactose… Consists of very important Bio-Organic Acids such as Oileic, Oleonolic, Palmitic, Stearic, Beheic, Arachidec, Myristic, Lauric and Amino Acid. It is a good Source of Potassium.

Medicinally: It is Anti-Microbial (Anti-Bacterial [Activity shown in Lab Results], Wound Cleaner-Anti-Septic…), Immune-Metabolic System Booster (Blood Purifier, Haemorrhoids) & is useful for Digestive System(Purgative-Strongly Laxative, Stimulates Digestive Fire-Controlled Quantities), Circulatory System, Respiratory System (Expectorant), Skin Health, Neural Disorders (Nervine Tonic), Excretory System (Diuretic), Kidney-Liver Stimulant (Gall Bladder-Kidney Stones)…

How may we consume Apamarga-अपामार्ग-Achyranthes Aspera?

  1. Powder: Made by The Whole Dried Plant (With Ghee, Honey or Other Herbs, as Required),
  2. Decoction,
  3. If the Powder-Churna of the individual parts is not available, go ahead, just use the powder available, which is of the whole plant.
  4. Infusion (of the Root),
  5. Extract-Juice,
  6. Oil…

Few Medicinal Benefits of Apamarga-अपामार्ग-Achyranthes Aspera:

  1. Anti-Microbial:
  • Fevers: 3/4th Tsp Apamarga Powder, 2 Garlic Cloves Paste & 2-4 Pinches of Hand Ground Black Pepper with 2 Tsp melted A2 ghee or Honey as the case may be. You may follow it up with a cup of Warm-Hot as necessary,
  • Insect Bites-Wounds-Swelling: Crush few leaves into paste & apply on the wound; and/or Have ½-1 Tsp Apamarga Powder with few Pinches of Black Pepper & a Tso or two of Jaggery; and/or Apamarga Decoction with a Tsp of A2-Desi Cow Ghee added,
  • Cholera: ½-1 Tsp of Apamarga root Powder with a cup of warm water Twice/Day;
  1. Metabolic Disorders:
  • Bleeding Haemorrhoids: Apply Seeds Powder Paste Topically; and/or Topically apply ash paste; and/or a Cup of Decoction with a Tsp of A2 Ghee added; and/or Sprinkle crushed seeds to your meals; and/or Topically apply paste of Apamarga Leaves & Black Sesame Oil,
  • Anaemia: A Tsp of Apamarga Powder with a Glass of Butter-Milk (Preferable Desi Cow’s Curd’s Butter-Milk) with or after your Lunch,
  1. Digestive Disorders:
  • Diarrhoea: Dry ample amounts of Apamarga Leaves, Hand crush them to fine powder, Store it in airtight glass container, take 1-5 Pinches with Tsp or two of Honey Twice a day,
  1. Respiratory Health:
  • Cough (General Respiratory System Health): Heat-Roast-Burn Apamarga Powder & carry out Ayurvedic Smoking-Through Nose (only!); and/or Leaves-Flowers Infusion Twice a day,
  1. Oral Health:
  • Yellow Teeth-Tooth Decay-Tooth Worms-Caries: Mix Apamarga Flower Powder-Paste with Rock-Black Salt & gently massage Teeth-Gums,
  1. Excretory & Reproductory System:
  • Breast Enhancement: Mix 25mL of Jyotishmati or Malkagni Oil with 125 mL of Balaswagandhadi Oil (Taila), Stir well, Store & use it Twice-Thrice Daily for mild Breast Massage,
  • Uterus Health: ½ Tsp Apamarga Powder Decoction with Rock Candy 45-60 minutes before meals,
  • Painful Urination (Dysuria): A Tsp of Apamarga Powder with melted 1-2 Tsp of A2-Pure Desi Cow Ghee after Dinner. Follow it up with ½-1 Cup of Warm-Hot water if required,
  • Leucorrhoea: A Cup of Fresh Leaves Decoction with 2-3 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice & few Pinches of Hand Ground Black Pepper,
  1. Skin Health:
  • Skin Eruptions: Apply Apamarga Powder Paste Topically & a Cup of Decoction Twice a day,
  • Itching, Urticaria (Reddish Skin Patches, Skin Bumps: Topically apply Root Bark Paste; and/or a Cup of Decoction with a Tsp of Desi Cow-A2 Ghee added,
  • Leucoderma: Apply “Jyotishmati Oil” with Pinches of Apamarga Powder added Topically on affected parts,
  • Eczema: Roast-Burn the Powder, make fine paste with water & apply topically,
  • Warts-Ulcers: Topically apply ash of plant, 

Contra-Indications: Best Avoided (or Controlled-Reduced Quantities) During/Before Pregnancy (or Lactating Mothers), Emaciated Patients, Infants or Children. As it may increase-vitiate Pitta in excess, it may reduce Libido if taken over long periods.

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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