Home-Natural-Homeopathic-Unconventional Remedies to Stammering (Gadgada)

Stammering is a Speech Disorder such that One is ‘Not able to Speak Fluently’ or ‘Speaks with Sudden

Home-Natural-Homeopathic-Unconventional Remedies to Stammering (Gadgada)
Home-Natural-Homeopathic-Unconventional Remedies to Stammering (Gadgada)

Involuntary Pauses & Repetitions’, mostly of the initial letters of the words. Few Words-Sounds commencing with Words such as ‘s’, ‘z’, ‘d’, ‘g’, ‘p’, ‘t’… usually compound the problem. In most cases, stammering would automatically get cured, as the kid gets older. Beyond the age of 10 Stammering becomes a cause of concern.

Causes: ‘Not being able to control the movement of vocal muscles’, ‘Physiological Obstruction to Vocal Organs’, ‘Poor Neurophysiological-Neuromuscular Coordination’ and so on. In Adults, Causes could be ‘Lack of Confidence’ or ‘Tense Situations’… Finally, Congenital Disorders could also be a Cause for Stuttering of Voice.

Prominent Symptoms related to Stammering would be ‘Fear & Anxiety’, ‘Blinking of Eyes while Speaking’, ‘Fear of Public Speaking’, ‘Prolonged Face leading to Red Face’…

Ayurvedically, as Vitiated Vata (Coupled with Pitta) gets localised in Amashaya (Stomach or Broadly Digestive System), it leads to various disorders such as ‘Obstruction in Throat Region’, ‘Obstructions in Other Sensory Organs’, ‘Excess Thirst’, Cracked-Dry Skin’…Pachaka Agni is in state of Mandagni. So we first restore Jatharagni (Digestive Fire) & Remedy the Vitiated Vata. Academically, obstruction (or Avarodha) to the Normal Motion of The Body Humour-Vata Dosha (Vata is Gatyatmak or Dynamic Dosha of The Body).

Before Remedies to Stammering, Please Follow Under-Mentioned Link for ‘Consolidated List of Lifestyle-Eating Habits’ to be ‘As Strictly Followed as Possible’:


Home-Natural Remedies to Stammering:

  1. ½-3/4th Tsp of Dried Brahmi (or Gotu Kola) Leaves with say ½ a Tsp of Coriander Seeds taken with Half a Glass of Boiled Milk before Going to Sleep,
  2. 2-3 times a day, put 1/4th – 1/5th teaspoon of Black Pepper on your Tongue and Lick it,
  3. 1-2 Indian Gooseberry Preserve (Amla Murabba) Each Day,
  4. 1 Tablet of Ashwagandha with a Cup of Warm Water Twice a day,
  5. A Tablet or Two of Shankhpushpi with ½ a Glass of Warm-Hot Water Twice a day an Hour before Meals,
  6. Liberally Apply White Butter on Your Chapattis with 2-5 Pinches of Hand Ground Black Pepper,
  7. Brahmi Oil Head Massage Few Times a Week, 20-30 Minutes after which to take shower with Warm Water,
  8. Proper Cleaning of Tongue (Copper Cleaner), with a sound of AAAAAA……; This cleans up Oral (& Other) Channels for Tongue, Throat, Nose, eyes, Ears etc.

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