Balancing Imbalanced Doshas (Vata-Pitta-Kapha)

Balancing-Pacifying of Vata, Pitta and Kapha is being handled individually:

Balancing Vata: Vata = Ether + Air; It is Light, Dry, Rough, Mobile, Cold, Clear & Subtle. It is Pacified by:
Consumables: Preferred Articles/Tastes are Unctuous, Sweet, Hot, Sour & Salty. Fats from various sources added with appetisers (A2 Ghee + Black Pepper, Long Pepper, Black Seeds, Carom Seeds…), Simply a Tsp. of A2 Ghee + ½ Glass of Hot Water, Hot Water + Lemon Empty Stomach, Fermented Liquors-Wines, Gaudhan Ark (Empty Stomach Morning & Prior Sleeping at Night)…
Other activities: Unction (Body Massage), Fomentation-Poultice, Warm Water Bathing, Plunging (In water), Mild Evacuative Measures having Unctuous-Hot-Sweet-Sour-Salty Drugs,), Enema, Post-Enematic Regimen, Kneading (Working Moistened Flour into Dough, Gentle & Hard Pressing, Creating Surprise and Comfortable Living (Absence of Stress, Work, or Exertion).
Preferred Herbs: Holy Basil (Tulsi), Sesame, Kushtha, Dashmula…

Balancing Pitta: Pitta = Fire + Water; It is Hot, Unctuous & Light. It is Pacified by:
Consumables:     Preferred Tastes are Sweet, Bitter & Astringent with Cooling Potency. Few Pitta Pacifiers would be Seasonal (Sweet, Non-Citrus) empty stomach in the morning, Intake of Milk, Unsalted White Butter, Ghee (Add a Tsp. + 1-2 Pinches Black Pepper to ½ a Glass of Boiled Water), Butter-Milk, Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, Rose Water, Moong Beans Water, Kidney Beans Water, Almonds (Dipped overnight & Peeled), Clay Pot water (Rinse it few times in mouth & keep for at least 20-30 seconds before swallowing-very effective!)…
Other activities: Mild massage with A2-Ghee, Purgation (Elimination of Doshas Downwards), Use of Natural Aromas (With Cooling Potency), Sponging with Water Cooled by ‘Sandal-Lotus Stalk-Licourise-Water Lily and Lotus Flowers’, Hearing of Vocal and Instrumental Music (Pleasing to Ears, Soft, Sweet & Agreeable), Union with Friends – Beloved Women, Putting on Cooling Garments-Garlands, Light Breeze/Draft of Air, Roaming in Gardens in Early Morning, Left Nostril breathing, Deep Breathing, Anulom Velom (With Antir Kumbhak-Breath Retention Inside), Sheetali Pranayama, Enough of Sleeping…
Preferred Herbs: Liquorice, Durba (Kusha), Nimba (Neem), Holy Basil, Vasa, Black Pepper (In Pinches) etc.

Balancing Kapha: Kapha = Earth + Water; It is Cooling, Unctuous, Smooth, Dense, Heavy & Slow. It is Pacified by:
Consumables:     Preferred Foods are Rough foods and Preferred Tastes are Pungent, Bitter & Astringent. Frequent use of Sharp and Old Wines…
Other activities: Sharp and Hot Evacuatives, Vamana (Induced Vomiting), Sweating (Kapha liquefied by Swedana-Deep Oil massage comes to Colon. Fasting, Heavy Physical Exercises-Austerities (Running, Jumping, Leaping, Cyclic Movements), Vigils, Fighting! Sexual Intercourse, Warm Clothing…
Preferred Herbs: Ginger (Fresh & Dry (Soanth), Long Pepper (Pippali), Black pepper, Gudmar, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Beetle Leaves (Paan ke Patte), Fennel Seeds, Cloves etc.

Pacifying Dual Dosha Vata-Pitta: One Taste that would Pacify both Vata & Pitta would be ‘The Sweet Taste’.
Best Pacifying Options
: Empty Stomach Fruits, Butter-Milk, Boiled Milk (+ A2 Ghee), Cooked Whole Grains (+ A2 Ghee), Light-Not Overly Cooked-Fried Foods, Boiled White Rice, Coconut Milk, Bottle guard, Almonds (Dipped & Peeled)… few useful herbs would be Shatavari, Giloy, Liquorice, Ashoka and so on…

Pacifying Dual Dosha Vata-Kapha: Sweet, Sour & Salt Taste Pacify Vata (But aggravate Kapha) and Pungent, Bitter & Astringent Pacify Kapha (But aggravate Vata). Just notice the presence of Fire element in Pacifying Tastes for both Doshas. In such a Dual Vitiation of Doshas, one may go in for any of the six tastes with bias towards the ones which pacify the more aggravated Dosha. 
Best Pacifying Options
: Non-Unctuous Enema with Cow Urine (Gaudhan Ark) is good. Herbs such as Cinnamon (Daal-Chini) & Fenugreek Seeds (Maithe Daana) both reduce Vata & Kapha. But, as Cinnamon (Daal-Chini) aggravates Pitta, it should not be taken by Pitta Patients. It is said (and I have experienced with self and many) Gaudhan Ark has good results in most (if not all) Vata-Kapha Disorders.

Pacifying Dual Dosha Pitta-Kapha: Preferred Tastes would be Bitter & Astringent both of which would help Pacify both Pitta & Kapha. 
Best Pacifying Options: Empty Stomach Seasonal Fruits, A2 Ghee with Pinches of Black Pepper, Brown Rice, Bottle Guard, Green Beans, Moong Beans, Spinach, Pumpkin Seeds, Honey… Herbs such as Gotu Kola (Brahmi), Arjuna, Neem, Shankhpushpi, Jasmine, Saffron… Avoid alcohol consumption.

Please Note following Important Points:

  1. Overview: The Seat For Vata is Colon, For Pitta is Small Intestine and For Kapha is Stomach,
  2. While eating / drinking (Early phase of Digestive Process)-Kapha is prominent; As food enters middle of digestion process-Pitta is prominent and After food is digested-end of Digestive Process-Vata is prominent,
  3. People suffering from Vitiation of Vata, Pitta or combined, stay miles away from Smoking and/or Drinking Alcohol (I mean as much as is Possible & Practicable!),
  4. Deranged Doshas in Digestive System: When Vata is aggravated, digestion becomes irregular and is accompanied by problems like indigestion, flatulence etc. If Pitta is aggravated, digestive fire-agni is very intense, large amount of food gets digested quickly (Not enough time for absorption), there is intense burning sensation, dryness of mouth etc. Finally, If Kapha is aggravated, digestive fire is very dull, food takes long time to get Digested, Constant Heaviness, Fatigue, Weariness.. This is going to cause fermentation of the food! Cholesterol, LDL, VLDL, Uric Acid, excess pressure on Kidneys – More toxins, more work to be done by the Kidneys, more complications result in the body…
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