Chemical Toothpastes Vs Herbal Toothpastes

Please discontinue chemical laden toothpastes and adapt Herbal Toothpastes, comprising of Neem, Cloves, Basil leaves etc.                       

Anti-alkaline stuff, like modern toothpastes (presence of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) destroys mouth saliva. Check net to see the side effects of the chemical ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulphate’ (It is Carcinogenic). Our saliva is a God gift and we don’t want to be spoiling it with such dangerous chemicals. Please keep in mind Fluoride used in Modern Toothpastes is Toxic at Mildly Higher Doses (DRV is Very Low – Studies have Pointed out that we don’t need Fluorine for Growth or Sustenance).

Though various sources on Net Claim pH of Modern Toothpaste to be below 7 & hence make it alkaline it is the Lab Chemicals in them that would destroy The ‘Bio-Chemical Properties of Human Saliva’. The Natural Stuff in Pure Herbal Toothpastes do not Harm Human Saliva.

As far as using usual chemical laden toothpastes, I am providing a snap of the ingredients on one of the often used tooth pastes. Now again, no offence to the company please, just look at the chemicals ingredients, and if you go bit deeper, would easily find out the many side effects these chemical ingredients have.

Just please go in for Herbal Toothpastes such as Neem, Clove etc., which are bitter and do not affect our saliva adversely.

Notice The Warnings:

  1. Children to use it under supervision only!!
  2. To be used in very small (Pea Sized) only!!!
  3. Do not Swallow (Don’t worry swallowing Neem would not make you sick!)!!!

Another interesting fact to note is that ingredients use in Herbal Toothpastes (Neem-Babool-Peepal Tree-Clove…) are themselves Anti-Pathogenic in Nature.

Many of your Dental Miseries may easily be taken care of by ‘A Gentle Massage’ (Just Twice-Thrice a Week) of a ‘Mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda (Biotech Grade)’. Refer Page ‘Our Health Kit’.

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