Coconut Oil

About Organic-Non Refined-Cold Pressed Coconut Oil:
The Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is extracted from Coconut seeds using the traditional way of extraction such as using the wooden press mechanism or metal machines operated at extremely low rpm. There is no involvement of any harmful chemicals and no heating is involved in the extraction process at all. As such, the Coconut nutrients are all well preserved & do not get damaged.
Mostly, people at home use ‘Mixers-Grinders’ to powder their Spices. Now, at the end of the process or just after few minutes of operation, try touching the outer surface of SS (Stainless Steel) containers & try feeling the temperatureIt will burn your skin & at that temperature none of the living beings be it human beings or animals or crops-vegetables-fruits can survive. Thus, what we have been consuming over the past few decades, is not spices but their DEAD FORM… As per me, “Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is The Healthiest Oil of all!”. 
Also, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is highly effective & beneficial alternative to Pure-Desi Cow Ghee prepared The Vedic Way-Belona.
Indication: From 15-55 Years, mostly we have predominance of Pitta in the body & for any/all Pitta related issues, Organic-Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is no less than Nectar. Other than overall body metabolism (essential for vital organs such as Liver-Kidney-Spleen and more…), this is highly beneficial for Skin, Hair, Oral Health and much more…

  1. 3-4 times a week, gentle massage scalp 30-60 minutes prior shower,
  2. A Teaspoon added to a cup of hot water taken 2-3 hours after lunch,
  3. Add few drops of MSM & carry out Full body massage 3-4 times a week,
  4. Apply-gentle massage few drops on Naval Button prior going to sleep…


  1. Keep out of reach of children,
  2. Do not consume-drink more than 1-1.5 Tsp./Day,
  3. Consult your Nutritionist, Dietitian, Doctor prior using this product.

Pricing: Just Rs. 825/ for 1 Liter Bottle. Special Discount (15%!) on buying 2 or more bottles.

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