Nano-Colloidal Silver Eye Drops

About Nano-Colloidal Silver Drops:

  • Silver, in the form of Bhasmas-Powders or simply Utensils, has been in use since ages for medicinal & preserving purposes. Over the past century, the modern form of Silver i.e. “The Colloidal Silver” has extensively been in use.
  • Nano-Colloidal Silver is simply the suspension of Nano-particles of Silver (Extracted from 99.9+% Pure Silver Rods) in Ultra-Pure Reagent Grade-Triple Deionised water using HVAC (or High Voltage Alternating Current) Technology.
  • The Colloid is completely Natural, Non-Toxic and safe for Vegetarians and/or Hypo-allergic. No Additives, Preservatives or Stabilizers of any kind have been used.
  • Nano-Colloidal Silver Drops is simply Nano-Colloidal Silver put to Food-Grade, Chemical-Resistant Dropper Bottles,
  • Watch my YouTube Video on Colloidal Silver:        
    Colloidal Silver – अति शुद्ध जल में चांदी के सूक्ष्म कण


  • It is supposedly one of the best Anti-microbial & Anti-infectious agent for Eye-ear-Nasal related infections and more,
  • it is specifically useful for Pitta Vitiated disorders. .


  1. 1-2 drops in each eye, ear or nostril as required once to maximum thrice a day. 


  • Not to be used for children below 12 years or continuously for more than 7 days at a stretch,
  • As it has drying effect, it is advised to administer A2 Ghee (Melted on a hot spoon once to maximum thrice a day,
  • There should be at least a difference of 60 minutes between application of Colloidal Silver Drops & A2 Ghee.

Pricing: Nano-Colloidal Silver is available in two packing such as 250 mL amber glass bottles & 30 mL Food-Grade Chemical Resistant Bottles:

  • Just Rs. 675/ for 250 mL. Special Discounts (20%!) on buying 3 or more bottles. This is best for drinking, application & spraying purposes and
  • Just Rs. 151/ for 30 mL. Special Discounts (10%!) on buying 2 or more bottles. This is best used as an eye, ear & nasal spray.
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