Concept of Homeopathy, Principals Involved, Making of Homeopathic Medicines

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann is Father of Homeopathy. What I have attempted is cover ‘The Concept of Homeopathy in a Pointwise manner!!”. Here it follows:

  1. Concept of Homeopathy: Homeopathy, as per me, is Simply an Offshoot of Ayurveda, Homeopathic Medicines being Natural Extract. As Ayurveda (Though Not Exactly!), Homeopathy too works on Eliminating The Root Cause of a Disorder. It works on ‘The Principles of Similars; Homeo=Similar; Pathy=Disease; Like Should Cure Likes’, in Contrast to Allopathy which works on ‘The Principle of Anti – Kill The Symptoms – Screw the Root Cause – Keep Making Money Forever!!’
  2. The Concept of Suppression: The Whole Philosophy of The Modern Medicinal System/s Revolves around Suppressing he Symptom/s. The Symptoms are treated Piecemeal completely disregarding ‘The Whole Individual as an Integrated Whole’. The Symptoms are not cured but Displaced/Suppressed to The Deeper Level’. Consider an example of Immuno-depressant Steroid Cortisone, which though seemingly cures Eczema but instead suppressed the ailment to deeper tissues and leads to series of side-effects such as Asthma-Diabetes-Amenorrhoea… And then, we suppress Asthma-using Inhalants-Forcing Toxins inside the body-increasing Blood Toxicity-Leading to Delirium-Anxiety-Confusion-Other Mental Disorders!!!
  3. Law of Similars: Any substance that can produce a Set of Symptoms in a Healthy Person Can Cure a Sick Peron with Those Set of Symptoms. The body has an illness and is not getting cure => Body as yet has not been able to respond to the particular illness. The Symptoms are matched to a Remedy which in Higher-Toxic Doses would cause these Symptoms (even at severe level). This then stimulates the body to Reorganise-Redirect The Vital energy so as to heal the symptoms => Same-Like Cures Same-Like. Now talking about Higher-Toxic Doses…The More the Remedy s diluted along with More of Succession (agitation) ‘Better its Signalling Power Gets’. The Interactions-Effects of Two or More remedies could be very complicating on/for the body, thus follows important Principle of Homeopathy: “Single Remedy at Minimal Dose”,
  4. Why Symptoms appear in the First Place: Symptoms are simply the result of our own body’s reaction against the onslaught of fighting pathogens.       Many a times (Homeopathy & Ayurveda) it would simply be strengthening body’s Immune System to ward off an infection (There are many Herbs/Minerals which act as Biocide against Harmful Pathogens-Neem, Rajath Bhasma (Modern: Colloidal Silver), Tamra Churna (Colloidal Copper)…),                          Please Move onto The next Page…
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