Daily Morning ‘Drink The Saliva Formed During the Night’

Daily morning, as you get up, have a glass of water, while rinsing your mouth, and Taking in, Yes-Taking in, all your Saliva (Formed During the Night) into your Stomach.

This is what is called ‘Usha Paan’. The whole idea behind this is that our Morning Saliva is full of Anti-Microbial Properties, Whole lot of Enzymes, Largest number of Proteins, Genetic Bio-Chemicals DNA & RNA and much more. This habit was reluctantly started by me & within few weeks, I saw remarkable improvement in my Abdominal functions. Also, a study says, our saliva contains the same micro-nutrients found in soil.

Few experiments you may do, yourself are:

  1. Just in case you do have a pus formation on your body, apply the morning saliva and see the result in 2-3 days;
  2. Try throwing the morning saliva on an ant, and it shall die;
  3. Many Testimonials to Better Eye-Health on Application of Night (Early Morning) Saliva onto The Eyes.  

Many Ayurvedic Scriptures point to Benefit of Usha Paan. Past many Years I have Just developed a Habit of Always Rinsing My Mouth before Drinking Water, to Always intake whatever saliva keeps Forming in The Mouth Throughout The Day.

A Child would have a normal Salivary pH of around 7.5 (Body’s Optimal pH is 7.4!), which tends to Continually Lower (To about 6.5-7) as we grow Older (As we Commence Consuming More & More of The Modern Foods!!). You might love Reading Posts on The pH Concept.

Now, if you smoke: Don’t kill your saliva by first having smoke. Have a glass of water, rinsing each gulp in your mouth, wait for 15-20 minutes, and then have your smoke! Best is to just quit smoking! Though, I know, it is easy said than done!.

Your smoke has various toxic gases like Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide etc. These gases when mix with water form weak acids like Sulphurous acid, Carbonic Acid… etc. which definitely are not good for the body. Cigarettes and aqueous based fluids just do not go together.

A nice link to know or read more about saliva is http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3312700/                                         Permission to Display above Link Received on 21-01-16/0125 Hrs.                 

Precaution: If you have a mouth infection, like Pyorrhoea, you will first have to cure this infection, and then take up this habit. Elsewhere, I shall explain, how to take care of your mouth.

Watch My You-Tube Video on Properties-Medicinal Benefits of Saliva: https://youtu.be/_AdZEJSKJHs

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