Dental Problems and Treatment

Oral Cavity: Anatomy & Physiology (Very Brief-Specific before we go onto Remedies):

  1. Oral Cavity is first part of Digestive System & serves as entrance to Alimentary Tract,
  2. Gum or Gingiva is a Fibro epithelial Mucosal Tissue, Surrounds Teeth & Covers Alveolar Jawbone,
  3. Alveolar Process: Tooth Bearing Area of Jaws consists of Dense Outer Cortex (Cortical Plate) & Looser Inner Trabecular-Medullary Bone. Cortical Bone region that lines Dental Socket-Alveolus is called Lamina Dura,
  4. Teeth: Calcified Structure Mostly used for Mastication. Exposed portion above Gum line is called Crown & One Embedded in Jawbone is called Root,
  5. Horseshoe Shaped Palate is the Dome shaped Roof of Oral Cavity and consists of Hard & Soft Portion. Hard Palate belongs to Oral Cavity (Anterior-Front). Soft Palate is Posterior

    (Behind-Towards Alimentary Canal) Portion of Oral Cavity, Belongs to Oropharynx & Separates it from Nasopharynx. Soft Palate is Beginning of Oropharynx & goes onto meet Mucous Linings of Nasopharynx. Soft Palate is involved in a Process to Block Nasal Passage & Propel Food Bolus into The Alimentary canal. Any inflammation here & you have tough time eating-Swallowing masticated food,

  6. Tongue: It is a Moble Muscular Organ, is a Part of Oropharynx & Helps push food into Oropharynx while Swallowing & Helps us Speak (Accented Words). Other functions are Keeping Oral Hygiene, Provide Taste & Plays a Role in Mastication,
  7. Salivary Glands: They are Paire
    Salivary Glands
    Salivary Glands

    d (Left & Right) Exocrine (Secrete to Epithelial Surface by Way of Duct) Glands & Pour their secretions into the Oral cavity. These Comprise of Parotid (In Front of ear Region-Within Oral Cavity), Submandibular (Beneath jaw-Superficial & Deep Lobes) & Sublingual Glands (Situated Under Tongue). These Major Salivary Glands Produce 90+ of Saliva in the Region. Other than this there are 800-1000 Minor Salivary Glands in the Oral Cavity Region,

  8. Also for Oral health one should keep in Mind & Keep Healthy ‘Arterial Blood Supply to Oral Region-Tongue’, ‘Nerve Supply To Tongue-Oral Region (Which Many a Times Gets Coated with Dirty Kapha), Lymphatic Drainage of Tongue-Oral Region.

Ayurvedically, Vitiation of Any/All of The Three Doshas could lead to Dental Disorders & Prominence/Predominance of a Dosha would Direct The Course of Treatment, such as…                                                                                         “For Vata Prakruti People, Few Good Habits would be Chewing Twig of Liquorice, Gargle with Warm Sesame Oil, Tongue Scrapping, Drops of Sesame Oil to each Nostril, Liberal use of A2 Ghee in Meals…”,                                                       “For Pitta Prakruti People, Few Good Habits would be Tongue Scrapping, ‘Chewing Twigs of Neem, Peepal or Arjuna…’, ‘Paste of Liquorice-Neem-Cinnamon…’, Use of A2 Ghee, Fennel Seeds + Gud (Jaggery) after Meals…”, an   “For Kapha Prakruti People, Few Good Habits would be “’Arka, Babula or Karanja Datuns-Twigs’, Mild Massage of Components of Oral cavity with Trikatu-Honey Paste, Decoction of Same, Mustard Oil Drops to Each Nostrils, Tongue Scrapping…” Again, Ayurvedically Pain-Inflammation would Indicate Vata Disorder affecting Nerves in the Region. Bad Oral Health & Bad Digestion-Digestive Process (Mandagni) are Inter-related and one leads to another…Please go only for Pure Copper Tongue Scrapper. 

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