Diet Timings – What to Eat When

First Things First:

  1. The Post mostly lists what kind of food is to be eaten when. Detailed Healthy Diet Plan for a Day may be had here Detailed Diet Plan for a Day – Even for Cancer Patients.
  2. State of Mind While Eating: Have your food with a peaceful frame of mind, with dedicated concentration. Food has a subtle component, which feeds the Pranic Life Force of your body. Food is an offering to the Digestive Fire of our body, and we must have regards for the food we are consuming, along with complete regards to as to ‘Which Food Should be Eaten at What time of The Day’, which is being covered now.

Diet Timings – What to Eat When: I am covering here with my understanding as to what kinds of foods are to be eaten at what time of the day…

  1. Morning Breakfast: Only Fruits & Fruit Juices to be consumed in the morning. This is a very important change to make especially in Medical Conditions such as Migraines and Sinusitis. I have covered-explained this aspect in a separate post…Only Fruits for Breakfast. Antidote for cold-chilled fruit Juices would be Black Pepper or Ginger Juice or Wheat Grain size of Limestone (or Pickling Lime or Chuna from a Paan Shop in India). Though, it is advisable for cold-chilled fruit juice to first come down to near room temperature before drinking it. Also, please do remember that fibrous content of fruits is many times over more than that of juices.
  2. Lunch Time: Please keep in Mind Curd & Rice articles only in the afternoon time…                                                                                                       a) Butter milk, Curd, Lassi (Preferably sweet, or else any natural salt like Sendha Salt or Rock Salt, but never the white powder salt) or other similar stuff may be had in the afternoon. The idea is that acidic (sour) stuff (Including Lemon – Only in Day Time) may be had in day time (and not after sunset). Reason is ‘Sour taste’ is made up of Earth and fire and when consumed after Sunset (Kapha Time followed by Pitta Time), vitiates both Kapha and Pitta.       b) On similar Lines Rice should always only be consumed in afternoon time. Rice is sweet in taste, Potency is cooling, and has high Glycaemic Index (capacity of carbohydrates present in the food to increase blood Glucose Level).
  3. Milk is alkaline in nature, sweet taste, cooling in nature, easily digestible (A2-Vedic Cow Milk) and these properties make it fit to be consumed After Dinner (Pitta Time followed by Vata Time). Milk prevents vitiation of Pitta (& Remember most of the Heart Attacks happen in Night Time only!). Milk is Unctuous-Snigdha in nature & assists excretory system – elimination of body waste stuff from the body the next morning (No Damn Constipation forever). A good Excretory System also implies undigested-waste stuff does not get accumulated in the body => No formation of layers of Undigested Food Particles (Called ‘AMA’ in Ayurveda) => No Damn Cancer for Ever.
  4. Finally, if consuming two different types of Food (Ann, like rice and wheat), we should have 2-3 sips/gulps of water between the two. This is to activate the appropriate type of enzyme to digest the appropriate type of food (Credited to Late Shri Rajiv Dixit jee).

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