Types, Causes & Natural-Unconventional Remedies to Various Wounds

Open Wound is an injury to the skin which may also involve and injury to Inner Cells-Tissues-Organs. Wounds could be Caused due various reasons such as Accidents, Incisions-Cuts, Falls-Slips-Trips, Carelessly Operating Mechanical Tools.

There is no exact Wound Classification possible, but Broadly, Types of Wounds could be:

  1. Incision-Abrasion: Scraping or Chafing (or a Clean Cut) of Skin against Rough-Pointed Surface (Knife, Fall on Road, Broken Piece of Glass, Nail…). Affects Mostly outer Layers of Skin & Not much Bleeding (or Scarring, if at all) is involved,
  2. Laceration: It is a Deeper Cut & Involves Tearing of Skin Layers-Tissues. It usually involves lot of Bleeding, as Tearing of Skin Layers would involve Considerable Force & Thus May also damage Nerve Fibres-Blood Vessels-Ligaments-Tendons-Muscles-Even Organs. Usually caused by hitting of a Hard Object (or Forceful Chafing against a Pointed Surface),
  3. Puncture: Hole caused due Long-Pointed Object (Nail-Bullet…) (See Featured Image). Though not much Superficial Bleeding is involved, but Damage to Inner Tissues-Organs is possible. You should, in such a case, go for tetanus Injection (I Simply Drank (& Applied) Regular Doses of Colloidal Silver & Copper!! See, while writing Stuff, I also have to keep Legal Requirements (Whatever I Understand) in View),
  4. Avulsion (Degloving): Partial-Complete Tearing Away 0f Skin & Damage to Deeper Tissues. Usually caused due Severe Accidents (Road…) or working with a Moving-Mechanical Object. It involves Heavy Bleeding,
  5. Other Wounds: Such as Penile Ulcers – Click Here, Peptic Ulcers – Click Here, Burn Wounds – Click Here

For Deeper Wounds, go for Stitches, if required, It is the Side-Effects of Accompanying Chemicals Laden Medicines that one has to be Careful of!

The post is also applicable to Diabetic Wounds, which eventually become Gangrenous, and ‘The Affected Portion may also have to be cut’. Other similar problem is Osteomyelitis (Infection and Inflammation of Bone and Bone Marrow) (New cells stop forming in the body).

Symptoms of Infectious Wound/s could be: ‘Increased Drainage’, ‘Coloured Pus (Brownish-Yellowish-Greenish-Bluish)’, ‘Extended Redness Around The Wound’, ‘Foul Odour’, ‘Mild (or Severe) Fever’, ‘External Application of Medicines Not Healing the Wound’, ‘Lockjaw’, ‘Bacterial Infections such as Gangrene, Cellulitis…’…

Ayurvedically, Vitiation of all Three Doshas is involved, Vata (Pain-Swelling…), Pitta (Inflammation-Burning Sensation-Infections…), & Kapha (Accumulation of Pus-Vitiated Fluids). Rishi Sushruta Classifies External-Open Wounds as ‘Ghrishta-Discharge of Blood & Fluids with Inflammation’, Wounds Classified with Increasing Severity such as ‘Avagadha & Vicchinna’, ‘Pravilambi-Deep Wound including Damage to Inner organs’, ‘Patita-Separation of Organ from Body’, ‘Viddha-Piercing Wounds’, ‘Bhinna-Abdominal Wounds due Piercing’ & ‘Vidalita-Wound due Crushing Damage’.

Before Remedies to Wounds, Please Follow Under-Mentioned Link for ‘Consolidated List of Lifestyle-Eating Habits’ to be ‘As Strictly Followed as Possible’:


First Aid-Home-Natural Remedies to Different Wounds:

  1. Wash-Disinfect the Wound (Iodine Tincture-Colloidal Silver),
  2. Apply Direct Pressure onto The Wound & Elevate the Wounded-Bleeding Area,
  3. Apply Jatyadi-Ghrit or Yashtimadhu Ghrita or Bala Taila on the wounds,
  4. Deep Wounds-Mixture of Honey & Neem Decoction,
  5. Apply Fresh Aloe Gel (Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Pathogenic, Anti-Infectious) Directly on the Wound/s,
  6. Make a Paste of Turmeric (In Plain Water or Best Colloidal Silver), Put it on Gauze & Put this Gauze on The Wound,
  7. Paste of Black Sesame Oil (Tila) and Liquorice Powder (Madhuka) mixed with Ghee heals External Body Ulcers (or Deep Wounds),
  8. “Paste of Honey & Onion (Discharge-Pus Related Wounds)” and/or “Paste of Boiled (& Cooled) Carrot Pulp” and/or “Paste of Basil Leaves (in Colloidal Silver)” and/or “Banana (With Peels) Paste” and/or “Sandalwood Paste” and/or “Raw Papaya (With Peels) Paste”,
  9. Heat/Roast a Fine Powder of Split Red Gram (Arhar, Tuvar) with A2-Desi Cow Ghee & Apply it on the wound (With/Without Pus Formation),
  10. Boil Camphor (Kapoor) Powder with Coconut Oil and apply on Swollen Areas (Swelling due Internal Wounds-injuries),
  11. Apply Carom Seeds Paste–Made with Lemon Juice-Heals Wound Faster & Reduces Pain,
  12. Before Hitting the Bed at Night, Boil a Glass of A2-Desi Cow Milk with 1/4th Tsp of Turmeric, Take it off heat, add 1-1.5 Tsp A2-Desi Cow ghee & Drink.

Unconventional (Yuck & Non-Yuck) Remedies Follows in next Page…

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