Discontinue Consumption of Soya-bean!

Never mind the whole lot of ‘Good Stuff!’ mentioned all around on Soy. Just Discontinue Consumption of Soya-bean! Let me point-wise state-list various reasons/sources as to why I say so:

  1. My Dharma-Guru (Legendary Late Shri Rajiv Dixit Jee) categorically stated that soybean was/is not Indian crop, and is not fit for human consumption, requires approximately 40 degrees (Surprisingly Core Body temperature of Pig is about 40 Degree Celsius & This is what he stated – This is Pig’s Diet!), and hence would lead to serious problems of bloating, gastric troubles and finally acidity. Now, I just didn’t blindly followed this but did lot of digging into this such as reading a whole of Research Reports and so on, and found this to be completely True!
  2. The Enzymes Required To Digest Soya Bean Are Just Not Present In The Human Body. This leads body to stimulate internal metabolic system – Raise body temperature – which then may vitiate Pitta – which then may cause Abdominal Inflammation or Other Abdominal Disorders (Probably due large concentration of Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fats) [This automatically make Soy Oil as very Unhygienic-Unhealthy Cooking Oil],
  3. Again, surprisingly, whatever is comparatively new! Has only screwed us! Rather than benefitted! It has recently been introduced in India. Now, Ayurveda says, and I have done a lot of studies and experimentation in this regards, one should eat the stuff (the eatables) available in the local region a person is residing, and soya bean does not fit in this criteria. Records of oldest soy crop (5-7000 BCE) point to the cold regions of China & Japan. Anyway, wish to study about the history of soya bean, you may go through the following studies: http://www.soyinfocenter.com/HSS/indian_subcon1.php (The Site Owners have permitted me to display the link here),
  4. Lab experiments have shown it to be Toxic-Poisonous when eating Raw!
  5. Soy is high in Phylates, which bind Minerals & thus hinder their absorption in the body,
  6. Males & Females both have Estrogens (Though Mostly Required for regulating Female Reproductive Systems) though in varying proportions. These (or other similar Steroid Hormones) stimulate Estrogen Receptors present in Nuclei of Cells. Soy has high concentration of Isoflavones (Plant-Based or Phytoestrogens & Studies-Experiments have pointed them to be Endocrine Disrupters). In Males high amounts of Estrogen Intake has direct effect on Lower Levels of Testosterones & Sperm Count (Studies-Surveys-Lab Tests have Pointed to same!)
  7. Bio-Chemicals Isoflavones are known Thyroid Function Inhibitors,
  8. Don’t worry about Proteins, You may fulfil all your Protein needs via A2 Ghee-Lassi-Butter-Milk, Wheat Grain Sprouts or Pulses Grain Sprouts, and so on…
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