Disease Passages in the Body

In the Post is covered Disease Passages in the Body and the Movement of Doshas from G.I.Tract to External Tract (with reasoning)… 

  1. The Three Primary Passages for Diseases to Travel in Body:
  • The Inner Passage:Composed of ‘The Abdominal Region’, G.I.Tract, Stomach, Intestines, Colon etc. Disease has not yet spread to other Sites, and is in its Accumulative and Provocative State.
    If Deranged, it leads to Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Fever, Cholera, Cough, Dyspnoea, Hiccup, Hardness of Bowels, Abdominal Enlargement, Spleen Enlargement, Oedema, Gaseous Tumour, Piles Abscess, Herpes etc…
    Mostly Comprises of the Kapha Ailments. 
  • The External passage:
    Composed of ‘The Dhatus and The Twak (Skin and its Rasa Dhatu), and Blood. This comprises the Superficial Tissues.
    If Deranged, it leads to Blood-Lymph Toxicity related disorders, Skin Disorders [Boils (Usual, Diabetic…), Glands, Warts, Scrofula, Granuloma, Moles, Leprosy, and more], Oedema, Gaseous Tumours, Piles, Abscess Swelling & Other External Diseases.
    Having spread out and away-overflown from The Inner Passage, these ailments are more difficult to cure.
    Mostly Comprises of the Pitta Ailments.
  • The Middle Passage:Composed of ‘The Vital Parts (such as Urinary Bladder, Heart, Head etc.)’, Bones-Joints and ‘Bound Ligaments and Dhatus in Tendons’.
    If Deranged, it leads to Hemiplegia, Stiffness of Sides, Convulsion, Facial Paralysis, Wasting, TB, Arthritis-Pain in Bone-Joints, Prolapse of Rectum, Diseases of Head, Heart and Urinary Bladder (Including Nerve Tissue).
    Herein, Doshas have penetrated to the deepest tissues of the body and are responsible for all severe ailments such as Cancer, AIDS, Kidney Failure etc. This Channel affects the five Body Tissues, which are: Muscle, Fat, Bone, Marrow & Shukra.
    Mostly Comprises of the Vata Ailments. 
  1. Why Doshas move obliquely from G.I.Tract to External Tract (The Dhatus):This could happen due variety of reasons such as:
    • Exercise,
    • Intensive Heat,
    • Unwholesome Food and Lifestyle,
    • Aggravation of ‘Vata’ and so on…

    Once the Doshas have moved into the tissues/ extremities, they will stay there, passively waiting.   Once the Doshas [from the G.I. tract] get vitiated & start overflowing, Doshas in the tissues/ extremities will become aggravated. 
    The Doshas in the extremities never vitiate at improper place or time, and wait for in-opportune moment for the Doshas in the GI Tract to get vitiated.
    Now the Remedy: The Vitiated Doshas in The External Tract are taken care of  by ‘Clearing the Body Srotas (Channels)’, ‘Using herbs to pacify vitiated Doshas’, ‘Body Massage’, ‘Fomentation’, ‘Sweating’ and so on… The Doshas thence come into the GI tract of the body, from where they are purged out of the system.

    First we should treat that Dosha which is not resident at its native place (especially strongly vitiated ones). Though, if the resident Dosha is strongly vitiated, it should be treated first.

The above information is not a Medico-Legal advice. The information above is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure… any disease and you may use the above information at any/which way at your own risk and with own responsibility.

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