DMSO-99.9% Purity


What it is??!! This is one of “The Best Natural Polar & Non-Polar Solvent“. This DMSO has been procured at 99.9% Purity & Test certificate for same is held by self. DMSO comes from wood-pulp & is a by-product of paper industry.  
Indication: The Product is intended to be used as a solvent (Polar or Non-Polar). 
Direction: Best used only after proper dilution
1. Readily absorbed by skin,
2. Keep away from children/patients,
3. Not for internal use,
4. Use of product in any which way other than as a solvent is sole responsibility of the user him/herself.
Pricing: Just Rs. 1350/ for 250 mL Amber Glass Bottle. Special Discount (25%!) on buying 2 or more bottles.

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