DMSO-99.9% Purity

About DMSO (99.93% Purity): DMSO is one of “The Best Natural Polar & Non-Polar Solvent“. It is a by-product of wood-pulp industry (Paper industrial process especially a bio-chemical from Pine Tree), It easily breaks the skin-blood barrier(Be it Endothelial Linings of Arterial Walls or Mucous Linings in the Body or Meninges of Brain…), gets absorbed through the skin & would take anything with it through the skin into the deeper tissues of skin & more! It has been approved by FDA to be used for ONLY a specific bladder disorder ‘interstitial cystitis’, Watch my Video on DMSO on my YouTube Channel: Understanding DMSO

Indication: The Product is intended to be used as a solvent (Polar or Non-Polar) or more medical purposes (Under the supervision of a Medical Professional only).
Direction: To be use only under the guidance of a Chemical Professional (Chemist) or Medical Professional (As appropriate).
1. Readily absorbed by skin. Wear chemical resistant gloves while handling or else hands should be properly cleaned,,
2. Keep away from children/patients,
3. Not for internal use,
4. Use of product in any which way other than as a solvent is sole responsibility of the user him/herself.

  • Just Rs. 1350/ for 250 mL Amber Glass Bottle. Special Discount (25%!) on buying 2 or more bottles,
  • Just Rs. 251/ for 30 mL Bottle.
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