What it is??!! DMSO-Silver-Honey Drops is just a Mixture (Actually Solution) of Three Ingredients, such as:
DMSO (Diluted to 30% Conc.),
Colloidal Silver (60% of Solution contains 40+ ppm Colloidal Silver),
Honey (10% of the solution).
The Solution contains no other additives, preservatives or stabilisers.
Indication: Really can’t provide indication for this product! Let us just understand the property/ies of the three ingredients:
DMSO: A Polar & Non-Polar Solvent. Medical usage is restricted except in few cases (such as for Uterus related disorder), 
Colloidal Silver: An Anti-Microbial, Anti-Infectious and
Honey: Natural Anti-Microbial, Kapha Killer.
Direction: Use of Product in any-which way is responsibility of User!. 
Contra-Indication: Never use for Internal Purposes.
Pricing: Just Rs. 225/ for 30 mL Drops. Special Discounts (25%!) if buying 3 or more bottles.

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