Drinking Water Before, During and/or After Meals

All of it, i.e. Drinking Water Before, During and/or After Meals has scientific implications and easy to understand. Never have water before (i.e. within 40 minutes before), During or After food (i.e. within 1 – 1 ½ hours after food), unless necessary.  

Avoiding Water Before, During and After Meals (Though May Have very Minimal of Warm-Hot water) is so very important, that change of this habit alone may take care of many of our Abdominal Disorders (and Scores of Ailments, Not Visibly Related to Digestive Functions!). Now, when we have food, the food follows the path onto our stomach, small intestine, and finally large intestine. The food gets digested by the various secretions (gastric juices, enzymes secretions etc.) and the heat generated in our system. Now, as soon as we put food on our tongue, the mechanism of heat generation and secretions come into play. And smart that we are, if we take water, and sometimes chilled water (or water laden with ice cubes!), along with food, the “Jatharagni (The various enzymes and heat of the digestive system) gets diminished or completely extinguished.

This squarely leads to The Fermentation of The Food & Not its Digestion (What Happens is Presence of Food Stuff + Water (In Our Belly) + Oxygen in our Digestive System – The Digestive Fire (Extinguished by intake of Excess Amount of Chilled Water); and, this fermentation will lead to formation of various toxins in the body, including the formation of ‘Uric Acid’, ‘LDL (Low Density Lipo-Protein)’, ‘VLDL’, ‘Tri-Glycerides’, and many more such toxins. The key to good health is to keep our Digestive Fire intact, and I promise, any healthy person, with a red glowing face, will have a good digestive system.

Why is Healthy Abdomen so Important: ‘Stomach’ is the region of ‘Kapha (the water component)’, ‘Small Intestine’ is the region of ‘Pitt (The fire component)’, and ‘The Large Intestine’ is the region of ‘Vata (The Air component)’, and if the digestive system stays intact, all these components stay balanced, and no disease can ever touch us. Thus, Kapal Bhati (Done with Concentration, which is a must!) is an amazing breathing Exercise, gifted to us by our Rishis (Scientists).

All stuff in our body moves in the form of fluids, which also is eventually formed as our food gets digested. Now, this fluids can form within 1 hour after food, for someone who does strenuous physical labour (like a ‘Rickshaw Puller’, or a ‘Hawker’), but for many of us, working while sitting on chair in an A/C room, it takes around 1.5 hours for this fluid to form.

After this time, we should take as much water as we can, so as to enhance the movements and absorption of the fluids so formed, but obviously, drinking water while sitting, rinsing our mouth, and drinking sip by sip. This more than optimum intake of water after approximately 1.5 hours of food will greatly help in a good bowel movement, and eliminate chances for the formation of ‘AMA (The layer of undigested food particles in the body) (unless, of course, your food is Devoid of even Minimal Amount of Natural Fibres! Pizza, Burger!!).

Now, For Those Of You, Who Just Can’t Have Their Food Without Water With Food, It Is Advised, That We May Have Small Amount of Warm-Hot Water (1/2 – 1 Cup Of Water) (In Some Cases, It Is Advised To Go In For Clay Pot Water Or Water At Room Temperature). Also, I Must Reiterate Here, Cold Water With Ghee Is Poison & Clogs Our Body Channels. On The Contrary, Hot Water With Ghee is Elixir & Cleans Up The System.

Other Alternatives to Cold Water with Meals would be Butter-Milk (In Lunch Time) and/or Hot Tea (Without Milk!) in Minimal Amounts (1/2 – 1 Cup).

Watch My YouTube Video on Drinking Water Before, During and/or After Meals:   https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=kspEz-uFZgM

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