Various Drinks with or after Meals

While considering Various Drinks with or after Meals, it must first be understood that a “A Drink/s after Meals (After Drinks)’ Saturates, Nourishes, Provides Energy, Increases Bulk of the Body, Brings about Completion, Settles down the food taken, Breaks down the Food Mass, Produces Softness, Moistens, Digests, and helps in easy transformation and Quick Absorption of food. As far as consuming Plain water, it best be never more than ½ – 1 cup of warm–hot water.

Desirable: While considering ‘Various Drinks with or after Meals’, always remember, ‘After Drinks’ should be contrary to the properties of the foods just taken. Say, for example, if the meal was Chicken Gravy and Potatoes, have an after-drink of Wine, or Honey-Water or Hot Water. Also, one is cautioned against having After-Drink/s which might further Vitiate the present state of Doshas in the body, such a Pitta Vitiated person having a Turmeric or Dry Ginger water after meals!!

Few conditions, and the appropriate After Drinks in those situations:

Sr. No. Specific Condition-Personality Preferred-Advised After Drinks
1 Vata Prominent Personality Unctuous & Hot (Say, ½ Tsp. of A2 Ghee in ½ – 1 Cup of Hot Water) (Any Meal-Lunch or Dinner),
2 Pitta Prominent Personality Sweet & Cold (Best is Clay Pot Water)
3 Kapha Prominent Personality Rough & Hot
4 Wasting Disease Light Meat Soup/s
5 Exhausted by Fasting and/or Excess of Milk
a Walking, Speech, Intercourse Milk
b Debelited by excess Wind, Sun or Milk
c Evacuative Measures Milk
6 Obese People Honey Water (Any meal)
7 Weak-Wavy Voice Oil (Teaspoons) 

Finally, for After Drinks, always remember:

  1. Fruits/Fruit Juices Only in Morning,
  2. Curd, Curd Water, Butter-Milk Only in Afternoon, Lunchtime,
  3. Sugarcane Juice Till Hours before Sunset,
  4. Milk, Rabdi… Only after (Early) Dinner.
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