Early Dinner-Preferably Before Sunset is great habit

Get into the habit of having Early Dinner-Preferably Before Sunset. Do walk at least 20 minutes after your dinner. If you feel hungry eventually, after your early dinner, have a glass of The Pure Indian Desi Cow (Not Buffalo, and Definitely not The Jersey Cow, whose products may be cancerous). If pure Desi Cow milk is not available, toned or double toned buffalo milk may be had.

To understand this one is easy. We all know, our body functions and survives due the Solar Energy available to us. After sunset, Solar Energy is not available to assist our Digestive Fire. And, hence walking for at least 20 minutes is absolutely essential after dinner, to add to our so necessary, digestive fire. The Milk energises the digestive fire (Being oily (Snigdha) as it is), and hence The Milk may be had after dinner.

Other aspect is that we should have our night meals 3-4 hours before going to sleep. This is to do with our Digestion Cycle. Eating Meals well after Sunset or late night is the major cause for Indigestion, Constipation, Obesity, High blood pressure and so on… these days.

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