Sukhasana or Sitting with Legs-Folded is Best Position to Eat Food

Sukhasana or Sitting with Legs-Folded on a flat floor has various benefits, which are scientifically-technically explained as such:

  1. While eating, due to lock formation (at our knee joints) in such a posture, the blood turns back from your knee region, and there is extra flow of blood into our Digestive Region, which helps in proper digestion of food,
  2. Automatic Regulation of our synovial fluid (The Fluid Found in our Joints),
  3. The Contraction-Expansion movement that results when we eat while sitting on floor results in optimal secretion of Digestive Juices, helping proper digestion of food,
  4. When we sit down on the floor to eat, there is an automatic Anatomical Mild Pressure on Lower Spine, making it healthy and providing us a Good Posture also,
  5. Finally, in this posture, one automatically tends to be more mindful of his/her eating, which has direct connection to Bio-Availability-Absorption of what we are eating,
  6. Sitting at a ground level devoids one of his/her arrogance!!

With a heavy heart, I am inclined to say, if sitting with legs folded, on floor is not Possible/Practicable, sit as such on Dining Chair, even that not possible, normal sitting on chair would do, but never standing.

One reason for so many people having bulgy stomach is having food at the dining table, and many have this habit of having food while standing! This straight away leads to diminishing of Jatharagni (i.e. the strength of your gastric Juices) due which proper digestion of food doesn’t take place.

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