Effect of Cookware Materials & Cooking Methods on Nutrients

Out of All The Cookware Materials – Aluminium Utensils are a Curse on Human Society. As far as practicable, we must cook food in open utensils & try to get rid of Aluminium Pressure Cookers, once and for all. I am convinced that if you consume Food/Pulses cooked in open utensils, you would experience positive results in your health within weeks if not days (Positive Results seen in Dozens of Families). The Testimonies & Research Reports (& Experience of Self & Others in My Circle) points to Positive Results in Large Number of Ailments including Arthritis, Diabetes, Severe Joint Pains, Tremors in the body……

The best alternative to ‘The Harmful & Dangerous Aluminium Pressure Cookers’ is Clay Utensils/Tawas (Used for Making Chapattis) (If Practicable/Available), Bronze (Kaansa), Brass, Wrought iron (May Blacken The Cooked Food a Bit, but That is Completely Assimilable/Absorbable in the Body, and would make sure that you never have haemoglobin deficiency (Specifically Pregnant Ladies)).

Ayurveda Scriptures tell us to cook food in such a way, that it should have ‘Vayu (Fresh Air) & Surya (Sunlight) Sparsh (Touch)’, and, if it doesn’t, such a food takes the form of a poison. Now, there are two types of poison – one which act instantly and one which act very slowly. Food cooked in Pressure Cookers act as Slow Poison. But, why so?

Now, Ayurveda says, Longer it Takes for a Crop to be Ready in the Field, Proportionately it should be cooked for that Longer a Duration. Pressure Cooker Cooks (or Rather Crushes) the Pulses (or, whatever else is being cooked in it) in literally minutes. What actually happens is that, with High Pressure, High Percentage of Micronutrients of the Pulses and other stuff being Cooked in Pressure Cookers (as high as 70-90%), get Killed, and thus, Percentage of Nutrients available to the Body is Negligible. Field Crops are a storehouse of micro-nutrients, which must be preserved at all cost.

Now, An Obvious Question? Wouldn’t it take very long time to cook the pulses in an Open Utensil (Such as Bowl-Kadai)… To answer this question first to myself, I tried experimenting with this (Done over the weekends – Took Weeks!!) Most promising solution that I discovered was to ‘Wash/Rinse the Pulse/s (Daal/s) Properly (Try getting rid of Outer Layer of Dangerous Chemicals-Wax etc.), Immerse the Pulse (Daal/s) in the Water Overnight, and Next Morning/Day, Cook the Same in an Open Utensil, it will be Ready in 30-40 minutes (I Tried this with different pulses, lentils etc., and none took more than 35-40 minutes). The open utensil may be half covered with plate, such that half of the utensil is open to air.

An Interesting Fact: The Aluminium Cookers Entered Our (Indian) Society just about 100-125 years during British rule and the Notification Came to Give Aluminium Pressure Cooked Food to People in Jails as they were Krantikarees (People Fighting for Independence)! Those guys are gone but the practice continues in jails and has also entered our homes! Jagannath temple guys make their Prasad in Clay Handis (small portable pots) and not in the Pressure Cookers.

Mitti (soil) is not only Shudh (Pure) but also very scientific. When we die, our 70-80 kg of body changes to 20 grams of ash – and this ash contains the same micronutrients as are found in the soil. We only give Pavitra (Pure) things to God, so goes Jagannath temple. 

Wrought Iron & Stainless Steel Utensils
Wrought Iron & Stainless Steel Utensils

Some More to convince you on following this habit:

  1. A Comparison of Lab Analysis Report for Food Cooked in Aluminium Pressure Cookers and the One Cooked in Other Type of Open Utensils would easily prove the Point That Food Cooked in Aluminium Utensils is fatally harmful,
  2. Just about 50-80 before, all were consuming food made in clay utensils only, be it Butter Milk, Milk, Pulses, or Vegetables and finally,
  3. Give Yourself a Break, The Indian Ancient Civilisation/s gave Following to the World:
  • Zero (शून्य) & The Concept of Infinity (100’s of Years Before The Christ Era),
  • Ayurvedic Legendary Scripture Sushruta Samhita (Along with Atharva-Veda) mention the Ailment Leprosy & its Cure (Kusht Roga-Skin Lesions…….) (4000-6000 B.C.),
  • Most Ancient System of Medicine – The Ayurveda – The Mother of All Medicinal Sciences (Including Shalya Kriya – The Surgical Operations) (cataract Surgery by Rishi Sushuruta using Curved Needle) (The Plastic Surgery),
  • Rishi Patanjali Gave-Invented Yoga,
  • Time Earth Takes to Orbit Around The Sun (By Rishi Bhaskaracharya using Astronomical Model of Rishi Bhahmagupta) (7th Century),
  • The Game of Chess (Chaturanga) (6th Century),
  • The Fibonacci Numbers (Rishi Viharanka, Gopala & Hemachandra carried on Studies of Rishi Pingala),
  • Advanced Metallurgy (Iron Pillar of Delhi Made in 3rd-4th Century),
  • Non-Chemically refining Sugar to get Rock Candy! and uncountable more…….

Grant Duff (British Historian of India) Once Remarked, and I quote, “Many of the advances in Sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in Fact made in India Centuries ago”.

You really think, we Indians could not have made ‘The Stupid Pressure Cooker!’, यह गंद, प्रैशर कुकर, जो शरीर के लिए अत्यधिक हानिकारक है, बनाना ही नहीं था (The Aluminium Pressure Cooker is extremely Harmful for Health, and was never to be made, and was thus never made).

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