Ayurvedic-Natural Remedies for Uric Acid-Hyperuricemia

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Few Effective Treatments for Uric Acid-Hyperuricemia:

  1. Aloe Vera Juice (Very Alkaline) (4 – 6 spoons twice or thrice a day), Aloe Vera Fresh (Cut The Leaves – Take out the Skin – and eat the rest). Very easy to plant it at home also.
  2. Maithe Daana Treatment (Fenugreek Seeds Treatment) (YellowishFenugreek Seeds – Maithe Daana Grains, and are Bitter in Taste):                             (Fenugreek Seeds – Maithe Daana)                       Take ½ a tea-spoon or a bit more, as per severity of your ailment, mix/immerse it in a glass of freshwater in the night (late evening), let it be like this through the night, and have this water in the morning, sip by sip, followed by, also eating the Maithe Daana grains (i.e. the dipped fenugreek seeds), chewing them fine and swallowing them complete.
  3. Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu (Also called Guggulutiktaka Ghrita): 1 Tsp added to a 3/4TH glass of Hot Water ½ an hour before Meals (Lunch and Dinner) or 1 Tsp added added to a glass of Hot Desi Cow Milk before going to sleep,
  4. Add Turmeric (1/5th – 1/7th Tea Spoon) to a Glass of Pure Desi Cow Milk, and Boil this Mixture. Take this mixture off the fire, add 1 – 1 ½ Teaspoon of Pure Desi Cow Ghee, and Drink this before Going to Sleep, or say, 1 ½ hours after your Dinner,
  5. Guduchyadi Taila (or, Pinda Taila): Apply externally on the affected parts,
  6. Carry out a Complete Body Sesame Oil Massage, and again followed by sweating in the body,
  7. Kaishora Guggulu: As the symptoms start subsiding, take 2 tablets of this twice a day (Start with 1 tablet twice daily, slowly increase it to 2 tablets twice a day; and eventually, as we get back to normalcy, we get rid of any medications and just continue with A Perfect Lifestyle – Download Here, Breathing Exercises and Some Meditation,
  8. Put 2-3 Drops of Panchgavya Ghrit in Each Nostril, At Least Twice a Day, Stay or 1 Tsp added added to a glass of Hot Desi Cow Milk before going to sleep,in Warm Atmosphere during this treatment,
  9. Apply 3-5 drops of Panchgavya Ghrit on your Naval Area, and do gentle massage, just before going to sleep.

Other Ayurvedic-Unconventional-Natural Remedies could be (No Yuck Factor!):

  1. Colloidal Silver, Copper & Gold,
  2. 3-5% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide,
  3. Food Grade Baking Soda,
  4. Honey with Various Herbs,
  5. Organic Wheat Grain Sprouts,
  6. DMSO-DMSO-Nano-Silver,
  7. A2 Ghee and/or A2 Ghee added to A2 Milk Boiled with Pinches of Turmeric…and so on…

Favourable: Papaya, Lemon (Few Drops, say, half a tea-spoon, only in day time, with Hot Water, say 2-3 times a day), Green Banana, Pure Desi Cow (Indian) Ghee, Pure Desi Cow (Indian) Milk, Garlic (Crush 1-2 Cloves of raw Garlic, and have it in the morning empty stomach), Bitter Gourd (करेला), Cereals, Cumin Seeds, Carom Seeds, Lots of Lukewarm water (If no Kidney Issues, Of course! Boiled Water cooled down to Lukewarm Level), Warm Surroundings. 

Non-Favourable: Sour (Curd) or Oily/Excessively Roasted Food, Fried or fatty Stuff, Alcohol, Tea & Coffee, Soft Drinks, Hard Drinks like Liquor, Sleeping late at night, Chillies or Excess of Hot/Pungent Spices, Heavy Fasting, Constipation, Heavy Food (Root Vegetables) At Night, Stale or Refrigerated Foods, Avoid Constipation at all cost!

All this accompanied by at least 30-45 minutes of Anulom Velom, and 15 minutes of Kapal Bhati in the Morning and Evening. 5-10 minutes of Naukasana may also be done in the morning. For Reasoning & Procedure of Anulom Velom Please watch:   https://youtu.be/IXvHVdrWiRo                                                    https://youtu.be/wEIfHsQULqk

Anyway, In all cases, I would advise all to get your copy of my e-book, A Perfect Lifestyle and Eating Habits, from my E-Book Page (Click Here) which provide all applicable theory behind lifestyle precautions (or visit: http://stayhealthytill70.com.cp-in-12.bigrockservers.com/category/lifestyleandeatinghabits/).

Legal disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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