Erectile Dysfunction-Impotency-Premature Ejaculation: The Theory

Erectile Dysfunction

Corpus Cavernous Cylinders of Penis-Urethra-Spongy Erectile Tissue
Corpus Cavernous Cylinders of Penis-Urethra-Spongy Erectile Tissue

simply implies, that Urethra does not become turgid enough, due improper blood supply to the region. Premature Ejaculation means that soon after one gets aroused, ejaculation results before the person or the counterpart is satisfied. Impotence, again implies inability to sustain erection long enough for a satisfactory course. On the contrary, Infertility is inability to cause pregnancy such as due Low Sperm Count. Good Lifestyle-Eating Habits-Diet-Few Herbs (Aushadhies!) (Easily available in our Kitchen & OTC) can easily take care of all of the above problems (Erectile Dysfunction-Impotency-Premature Ejaculation & Infertility (Sperm Count & Hormonal Count-Testosterone & Follicle Stimulating Hormone)).

Have a look at the ‘Featured Image’ of this Post (Cross Sectional Area of a Penis). The Erectile Tissue consists of Sponge like Structures Corpora Cavernosa, which have a Network of Blood Capillaries & are responsible for erection. Blood Arteries run from Base of Penis towards the tip (& So the Massage is Done – Base to Tip). Blood through Capillaries fill up the space, Nerve Impulses from Brain come into Play & erection is sustained.

Probable Causes for Erectile Dysfunction-Impotency-Premature Ejaculation could be Lifestyle-Eating Habits, Emotional (Psychological- Depression, Stress, Performance Anxiety), Medical or Physical Factors. All of the above (Erectile Dysfunction-Impotency-Premature Ejaculation) could have very distressing effect on a person and one may even suffer from depression or low self-esteem. Common causes are:

  1. Poor Lifestyle-Eating Habits, Nutritional Imbalance-Deficiency, Junk foods accompanied by excess intake of Salt-Sour-Hot-Pungent Tastes, Lack of Healthy Oils (Mustard-Black Sesame) & Ghee (A2) in Diet,
  2. Metabolic Disorders: High Cholesterol, High Blood pressure, Constriction of Blood Vessels, Obesity (Excess Kapha in the body, Obesity has been linked with Low Testosterone Levels in the Body), Diabetes…
  3. Endocrine diseases: The Endocrine System consists of various glands, which produces various Life Sustaining Hormones in the body (Kapha Derangement),
  4. Neurological and Nerve Disorders: Such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease (Vata Disorders). The medicines which may stimulate or depress the CNS, thus deranging the Vata balance in the body,
  5. Side-Effect of Medications or After-Effects of Surgeries-Trauma,
  6. Cardiac Conditions, such as Atherosclerosis, which results in improper blood flow by the Heart.

Well, most of the above causes could be attributed to the wrong Lifestyle and Eating habits, excluding the accidental cases etc.

Ayurvedically, any/all of problems listed above are due Vitiation-Derangement of Vata & Kapha Doshas. Shukra Dhatu is deranged in any of these disorders. Shukra Dhatu may simply be understood as ‘Combination of Sex Hormones’ Present in The Body, and is the final (7th Tissue in Line) refined product (Tissue) of all the Preceding Tissues (6 of Them, Rasa-Raqta…). Improper Body metabolism implies built up of AMA (Undigested food Particles-Toxins have entered the deepest layers of Body) in The Body. Dooshita Shukra implies imbalance of Maha-Bhutas ‘Water & Earth’. Upa Dhatu (Actually The Subtle Component) of Shukra Dhatu is Ojas. Indulging in unnatural Acts (Such as Excess Masturbation) leads to Loss of Ojas and Problems Result.

Please remember, whenever we are dealing with Toxins (AMA) in The Deepest Layers (Tissues), ‘Swedana Therapy (Sweating)’ would play a very important role in the final treatment.

Evaluating Reproductive Health:

  1. Male Reproductive Health:
  • Greyish Semen: Vata Vitiated or in Dominant State,
  • Yellowish Semen: Pitta Vitiated or in Dominant State,
  • Pale Whitish: Kapha Vitiated or in Dominant State,
  1. Female Reproductive Health:
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles: Vata Vitiation (Ovulatory Disorders),
  • Intense Menstrual Cycles: Pitta Vitiation (Menorrhagia),
  • Prolonged Menstrual Cycles (Mucous Discharge): Kapha Vitiation.

Shukragni (or Fire of Shukra Dhatu) does the final refining from Majja Dhatu to Shukra Dhatu and is in a Vitiated State in any/all of the above disorders…

  • Vata Vitiation: In Males will lead to Low Sperm Count & Poor Motility (Critical for Fertilisation). In Females will lead to Poor Ovulation & Egg Formation,
  • Pitta Vitiation: May lead to Pain-Inflammation in Ovaries & Testicles. Subtle aspect (Ojas-Subtle Component of Semen-Creative Aspect) is lost,
  • Kapha Vitiation: Quantity may rise but quality falls. In women, ovarian (multiple) cysts may form.

Symptoms Related to Erectile Dysfunction-Impotency-Premature Ejaculation:

  • Inability to get erection,
  • Low Libido,
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression-Mental fatigue, Guilt,
  • Insomnia,
  • Dyspnoea-Shortness of Breath-Difficulty in Breathing,
  • Low Self Esteem-Lack of Interest and so on…

Diet-Daily Regime & Home-Natural-Unconventional Remedies to Erectile Dysfunction-Impotency-Premature Ejaculation in Next Two Posts…

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