Gall Bladder–Kidney Stones – The Theory

Kidney-Gall Bladder Stones (Vrukka Ashmari in Sanskrit) could be a single large stone or many tiny stones. These are Small Stones/Gravel which are not able to come out from Urinary Bladder or Urethra. The small gravels eventually become stone – and excess pain is experienced while urinating. Left untreated, they would lead to inflammation of Gall Bladder Kidneys, Liver and/or Pancreas…

Causes: Mostly imbalance in Bio-Composition of Bile (Such as excess Bilirubin or Excess Bad Cholesterol in Liver-Bile). Other important causes would be Bad Diet (Excess proteins-Calcium Intake-No Ghee-Refined Oils etc.), Obesity, Metabolic Disorders (Such as diabetes…), Chronic Acidity (Including Elevated Uric Acid Levels), Excess Smoking-Alcoholism, Side-Effects of Modern Medicines!! and so on… A heavy meal would involve more of Bile Discharge & incidentally Gall Stone Attacks usually happen after meals or Night Pitta Time (2200PM-0200 AM).

Stretching a bit more on Dietary-Lifestyle causes: Hot-Spicy Foods, Excess Salt Intake, Not Enough Water Intake, Not Enough Physical Work, With-holding Natural Urges (Such as Loo-Stool-Sneeze…),

Ayurvedically, mostly, this/ese ailments would result due imbalance-vitiation of Vata (The Nerve Force-A good nervous system is essential for movement of Pitta & Kapha of The Body) –Kapha (The Plasma Chyle – Vitiated Kapha Coagulates to form Stones – The Much Needed HDL & Unctuousness is mostly missing from Modern (!!) way of cooking Meals) Dosha and Improper functioning of Raqta Dhatu (The Blood Tissue).

Symptoms could be ‘Severe-Sudden Pain in Upper Right Abdomen’, which happens as Stones Block Biliary Tracts (which includes Bile Ducts & Gall Bladder), pain in Lower Spine spreading onto the Urinary Tract, Urine comes out intermittently (& Could be Painful), Nausea-Vomiting, Yellowing of Skin, Fever-Chills, Not able to Sleep–Fatigued Out…. Gall Stone Pain Attack would usually last few hours.

On may go ahead and get the stone/s (Kidney/Gall Bladder) removed by laser or other forms of surgery, but one has to think that does this external/surgical treatment targets the root cause in any/which way. And if it does not, then we must make the required lifestyle/eating habits changes and eliminate the stones from the body by proper diet/herbs, and remember “Food is The Best Medicine”. Other thing please do keep in mind that no surgeon would Guarantee that the stone will not form again but proper eating habits would make sure you don’t suffer from this issue again. Visit various Posts under the following category: Lifestyle and Eating Habits.

Finally, do remember, there could be complications in the body (Even Serious) on getting The Gall Bladder Removed; Please read on after-effects of such a surgery if you do decide to go ahead with one…

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