Haemorrhoids or Piles – The Theory

What is Haemorrhoids or Piles: These are just the Inflamed or swollen Blood vessels (Veins), in and/or around the Rectum Area. These will often result in Bleeding from The Anus, especially when we go to ease ourselves. This problem will often be preceded by a formation of a Lump in the area. The Haemorrhoid or Lump may develop on the inside of rectum or on-around outside of the anal area .

Anal Fissures/Tears mostly occur due passing of hard/constipated stool.

Why is Haemorrhoids or Piles caused? Chronic Constipation (Long term) is one of the main causes for this ailment. Gastritis is other big cause. Haemorrhoids also often happen during or after pregnancy, due excess weight or hormonal changes in the body. On similar lines, we may also see, many a times, drivers, who often have to sit in one position for long hours, suffer from this condition. Similarly, standing in one position for long hours may also cause this. Consumption of Spicy, Oily (Excessively cooked), Acidic, Stale or Refrigerated foods also is responsible for the condition. Other than all these, Excessive Work (Mental & Physical), Stress, Grief, Tension and anxiety also cause this condition. Not eating enough fibres in our diet is also a major reason (As I always advice – Fruits (With Peels) is always much better than having Fruit Juices…& If Possible Not to Discard Peels of Vegetables).

Symptoms: Bleeding during Bowel Movements, Irritation and/or Itching, Pain & Discomfort, A sensitive Tissue Mass hanging on The Outside of Anus.

Ayurvedically, VPK – all Dosha Imbalance is involved with this Ailment. Severe constipation Vitiates firstly Vata. Diminished Digestive Fire, Accumulation of Wastes in Body, Contraction-Pain-Inflammation-Bleeding Piles (Raqta-Arsh) in the Region is Vitiation of Pitta. Blood Clot – Pus Formation is Vitiation of Kapha.

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