Meaning, Causes, Symptoms & Home-Natural-Unconventional Remedies to Burns

Burns invariably would cause injury to Skin (or Deeper Tissues or Even Organs, Depending on Severity-Depth of Injury Caused). Burns are mostly Caused due Heat (Direct contact with Fires, Hot Liquids, Hot Surfaces…), Cold (Atmosphere or Very Cold Surfaces – Frost-Bites), Contact with Live Wires (Electricity-Many a times leads to Numbing-Tingling), Chemical Contacts, Frictional Heat, Radiation Damage and so on…

Types of Burns:

  1. First-Degree Burns: Injury caused only to the Superficial (Epidermal) Skin Layers. Symptoms include Red Blisters (Mostly Dry-No Pus Cells) with Pain-Inflammation… Eventual Peeling of the Skin would follow. One gets over the symptoms in at the most ‘Few Days’,
  2. Second-Degree Burns: Along with Superficial, Underlying Skin Layers (Papillary- Reticular Dermis) are also injured. Symptoms: Blisters with Mild Pus Cells, Severe Pain-Inflammation; Takes Weeks to get cured & scarring may still remain,
  3. Third-Degree Burns: Injury extends to all layers of the skin (Dermis). Symptoms are ‘Absence of Pain ((!As Nerve Fibres are present in Superficial-Outer Skin Layers, So Pain implies “We are most probably not dealing with a deep injury))’ & Stiffening of Burnt Areas is Observed’…
  4. Fourth Degree Burns: Deeper Tissues (Such as Muscles and/or Bones) or Even Organs may also get injured. Symptoms: Burnt area gets Blackened & Loss-Amputation of the burnt area, Emotional-Psychological trauma may also result. Third & Fourth Degree burns may lead to Hypothermia (Due excessive Loss of Body Heat) & Hypovolemia (Low Blood Volume Due Plasma-Blood Loss Due Burns).

Ayurvedically also (!!) (Taken from Sushruta Samhita written Thousands of Years Before!!) Burns were classified as ‘Plusta-First Degree’, ‘Durdagdha-Second Degree’, ‘Samyagdagdha-Third Degree’ & ‘Atidagdha-Fourth Degree’. Vitiation of Pitta-Vata is involved though as it gets severe, Excessive Vitiation of all Three Doshas are involved.

Treatment (Short or Long Term) would depend on the severity. Severe Burns would involve severe loss of Capillary Fluids along with Cells-Tissues Damage, and would thence require ‘Intravenous Fluids’.   Few First Aid-Home-Natural Treatments:

  1. Pour Cold Water (or Rose Water or cucumber Water-Juice) on The Burnt Areas (5-10 Minutes) (Prevents formation of Pus filled Boils) (Also for 3rd or More Degree Burns, make sure clothes do not stuck to burnt areas & Raise the Injured-Burnt areas above Heart Region, Call for Immediate Help!),
  2. Apply Pastes (Few-One at a Time-Definitely not All!) of “Fine Rice Powder Mixed with A2 Ghee (For Deep Burns)”, “Potatoes (Do not Remove Peels)”, “Guduchi-Geloy Leaves Paste made with A2 Ghee (For Deep burns-Ulcers)”, “Banana Leaves Paste”, “Paste of Cucumber & Carrots (In Equal Amounts)”, “A2 Ghee”, “Aloe-Vera Leaves Paste”, “Aloe-Vera Gel”, “Honey + Coconut Oil (In Equal Quantities)”, “Warm & Cool The Mixture of Wax & Coconut Oil”, “Warm Mixture of Limestone & Black Sesame Oil”, “Holy Basil Leaves Paste in Water (or Rose water or Best Colloidal Silver)”, “Nutmeg (Jaiphal) Powder & Raw A2 (or Buffalo) Milk”, “Thin Paste of Wheat Flour”,
  3. Smoke Poisoning: Emesis-Induced Vomiting with a Mixture of “A2 Ghee + Sugarcane Juice + Grape Juice + Lemon Juice + Milk”. Induced Vomiting clear up Respiratory & Digestive Tract,
  4. Hot Oil Burns: Add Limestone (Chuna) (or Multani Mitti-Fuller’s Earth) to Butter Milk and apply,
  5. A Tablet of Gotu Kola Twice-Thrice a day.

Unconventional Remedies to Burns follow on Next Page…

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