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For Most, Normal Body temperature is 98.2-99.5 Degree Fahrenheit (or App. 36.5-37.5 Degree Celsius). Homeostasis implies a Stable-Equilibrium state of a Human Body. This (Including Normal Body Temperature) is achieved through Various Metabolic-Physiological-Other Bio-Chemical Processes in The Body. Temperature Homeostasis in Humans is controlled via ‘Thermoregulatory Centre’ in Hypothalamus. Temperature Homeostasis implies regulating ‘The Core (or Brain) Temperature (Via Thermoreceptors Present in Hypothalamus Itself)’ & ‘Temperature throughout the Body (Via Thermoreceptors Present in The Skin)’. Hypothalamus also regulates-controls few other Homeostasis Processes in The Body such as Hunger, Thirst, Circadian Rhythms of The Body & Blood Pressure. ‘Fever (or Pyrexia)’ is simply ‘A Natural Body Response’ to Exogenic or Endogenic Pyrogens & is characterised by Rise of Temperature above ‘Regulatory Set Point’. This then induces Symptoms such as Shivering, Chills, Sweating, Nausea, Body Ache-Fatigue-Weakness, Sore Throat, Increased (or Decreased blood Pressure), Hot (& Dry) Skin, Dehydration, Delirium (Dizziness-Confusion at Hyperpyrexia)… High Fever not accompanied by these symptoms would imply A Bigger Problem-Illness’ at hand.

‘Fever (or Pyrexia)’ is caused due Pyrogens (Substances which cause Fever) which could be:

  1. Exogenous (External to The Body): Pathogenic such as Viral-Bacterial-Richetsia (Evolutionary taken to be between Bacteria & Virus)… Bacterial Pyrogens which cause Rapid Dangerous fevers are called ‘Super antigens’; and/or
  2. Endogenous (Internal to The Body): Most (if Not All) Endogenous Pyrogens are Bio-Molecules ‘Cytokines’, which are part of The Immune System. The factors (or Causes of Fever) could come into play in cases such as ‘Abnormalities in The Immune System’ or ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency’, Local Necrosis-Infarction (Premature Cell-Tissue Death due Inadequate Blood Supply), Inflammatory Reactions in Tissues (Due Abnormalities of Various Internal Processes, Arthritis, Tumours-Cancers…)…,
  3. Other Causes such as ‘Side-Effects of Modern Medicinal Drugs’, ‘Dehydration’, ‘Electrolytes-Salt Administration (Salts can easily aggravate Pitta & hence to be completely avoided in High Fevers except for Medicinal Purposes), Synthetic Health-Proteinaceous Supplements and so on…

The Causes (Exogenous-Endogenous Pyrogens) would lead to Vitiation of Body Doshas & Ayurveda Classifies Jwara (Fever) as due Vitiation of: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vata-Pitta, Vata-Kapha, Pitta-Kapha, Vata-Pitta-Kapha & Agantuja (Due External factors-Entry of Foreign Particles into The Body.

The Mechanisms of Different Fevers could be ‘Continuous Fever-Temperature Remains above Regulatory Set Point throughout a 24-Hour Cycle-Happens in Cases such as UTI, Pneumonia, Typhoid…’, ‘Remittent Fever-Though Temperature Remains above Set Point Throughout 24-Hour Cycle but Fluctuates More than 2 Degrees-Happens in Cases such as Typhoid, Endocarditis (Inflammation of Inner Surfaces of Heart (including Heart Valves-Pacemaker…)…’, ‘Febricular-Low Grade Fever Throughout’, ‘Intermittent Fevers-High Temperature is there only for few Hours of The Day’, and so on…

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