Handling Hair-fall, Grey Hair, Getting Dense–Shining–Black Hair Naturally

A normal being would normally lose 50-100 hair per day out of app. 100, 000 hair on a normal scalp! Now, this is no issue and if ‘The Metabolic System’ is working fine, New Hair would normally replace The Old-Falling Hair. Symptoms of Hair-Related issues would be:

  • Abnormal Hair loss while taking Shower or Combing or Otherwise,
  • Thinning Patches of Hair,
  • Bald Patches on your Head.

First, Understanding Various Reasons for Hair fall, Thinning of Hair, Dry Hair-Dandruff & Grey Hair:

  • Primarily, The Reasons would be Vitiation of Vata (A Weak Nervous System) or Pitta (High Body Heat due excess consumption of Salt-Sour-Hot-Stale Stuff) or Both (This is Straight away related to Bad Modern Lifestyle & Eating Habits (Including Air – Water & Food Pollution)– Refer Posts under The category Comprehensive Lifestyle & Eating Habits),
  • Hormonal changes associated with various events such as Pregnancy, To Commence or Discontinue usage of Contraceptive Pills or Menopause,
  • Medical Conditions such as Thyroid, Alopecia Areata (An Auto-Immune Ailment where Our Hair Follicles are attacked by Our Immune System itself! Classic Symptom would be Falling out of Hair Clumps),
  • Major reason for Male Baldness is Binding of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone, a Derivative of Testosterone) to Receptor Sites of hair Follicles (Its Accumulation has to be Cleared Up – Growth Inhibited by Proper Diet-Herbs-Massage),
  • Dry Hair & Dandruff: Simply Vitiation of Vata – Complete Avoidance of A2 Ghee & Oils in Food! (Unctuousness is Divine for our Body),
  • Premature Greying: This is due Pigmentation Loss, or Loss of Melanin (A group of Natural Pigments produced by Oxidation of An Amino Acid Tyrosine & Determines Colour of Our Skin & Hair) Production. Greying could also occur due Protein Deficient Diet along with Deficiency of Vitamin-B12 & an Amino Acid Phenylalanine.
Now, The Cures:
  1. Hair Fall or Hair Loss:
  • Mild Head Massage with Black Seeds or Kalaunji Oil 2-3 Times a Week,
  • Mildly Massage Scalp with Fresh lemon Juice => Let it be for 15-20 Minutes => Wash it off with Herbal Shampoo => Dry your Hair & Mildly Apply Black seeds or Kalaunji Oil,
  • Indian Gooseberry-Honey Preserve.
  1. Greying (Grey to Black) of Hair:
  • Add ½-1 Tsp Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Powder to 2-5 Tsp Lemon Juice & apply this dilute paste on your scalp ½ an hour before shower,
  • Daily Mild Massage of Head Scalp with A2 Ghee,
  • Take ½ a cup pf Curd, add Black Pepper, add 2-5 Tsp Lemon Juice, Apply on scalp 20-30 minutes before shower.
  1. Dense (Long) & Shining Hair:
  • Re-boil the used tea in a glass of water, let it cool down, filter the water, add lemon Juice to it, and Massage your Head with This. This cleanses and shines the hair.
  • Half an Hour before Shower, apply onion Paste on your head scalp (Grey to Black Dense Hair),
  • Take ½ a cup of Coconut or Olive Oil and add 2-6 crushed-Powdered Camphor Balls to The Oil. Once a week do mild massage of your Head Scalp with this Oil ½ an Hour before shower (This is also a good treatment for getting rid of Dandruff),
  • (Once or Twice a Month till Required) Apply A2 Ghee all along your scalp – Follow this up with ‘Onion Juice Application’. Do this before going to sleep – Wash off the next Morning. 

External Application (Generally-Universally Applicable):

  • Spray Colloidal Silver – Colloidal Copper on your Head (Scalp) 2-3 Times a Day,
  • (For Hair Fall & Shining Hair) Add a Pinch of Baking Soda to 3-5 Tsp Plain Water & 1 Tsp of Fresh Lemon Juice – Carry out Mild Scalp Massage with This and after 15-20 Minutes wash off your Hair (Not more Than Twice-Thrice a Week),
  • Take 2-5 Tsp of A2 Ghee (In Melted Form) (You may also add 1-2 Tsp Olive Oil) and apply it on your scalp (And all along the hair – For Split Ends) 20-30 minutes before shower (This is a Great hair Conditioner Also),
  • Every Day or Two, get yourself a Head Massage with Mustard or Black Sesame Oil. Once or twice a week, add 3/4th teaspoon of Black Cumin Seeds Oil to this Oil,
  • Add Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Powder to Powdered Mehndi, make a paste using Honey or Lemon or Both, and carry out a Head Massage,
  • Mild Head Massage with Black Seeds (or Kalaunji) Oil 2-3 Times a Week.

Favourable:               Gaudhan Ark (2-4 Tsp added to ½ a Glass of Water) before Sleep & Morning Empty Stomach, Mild Massage with Gaudhan Ark few Minutes Before Shower, A2Milk, A2- Ghee, Butter-Milk + Black Seeds (Or Kalaunji), Abhyanga or Complete Body Massage, Indian Gooseberry Preserve (Amla with Honey), ½ a cup of Aloe Vera Juice Morning and Evening, ½ a Cup of Apple Cider Vinergar every Morning Empty Stomach.

Unfavourable:           Chemical Soaps-Shampoos, Dry-Hot-Sour Stuff (Except Lemon, in Daytime), Heavy & Hot Meals at Night (Spices, Curd, Potato, Onion…), Smoking, Alcoholism, Working Late Night, Pouring Warm-Hot Water over our Head (Loss of Hair & Eye Strength)…

At least 20-30 Minutes of Anulom Velom (Morning & evening) with as much Breath Retention as Possible is very effective against all Hair Related Ailments.

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