Herbs Properties & Why Hand Ground Herbs are Best

The Category, ‘Ayurvedic Herbs’, lists many herbs-spices (Ayurveda calls them ‘Aushadhies-Medicines’), along with Their Ayurvedic Properties (Effect of Spices on Body Humours-Vata-Pitta-Kapha) & Medicinal Values. I have given as much details as possible, with Chemical Composition, Medicinal Usage, and their During-Post Digestive Effect. As you move along various Posts under the Main category “Ayurvedic Herbs”, I am sure you would find much of useful information to use it in your Daily-Healthy Meals Preparation. Proper use of Herbs (Aushadhies) would make sure that you would never get deficient in any of the Nutritional Requirements of The Body. I mean it!

It would be prudent to talk here a bit on two of the Ayurvedic Properties of Herbs such as Virya & Vipaka…

Virya is the Potency, by which it acts on the body, during its stay in the body. The ‘Virya’ of an Herb could be Heating or Cooling.

Vipaka is The Post Digestive Effect, after its interaction with The Bio-Organic Chemicals, or Enzymes present in our Body.

This is just the definition, buy Ayurveda-It’s Concepts are covered in detail in a Separate Category in This Website (Ayurveda for Layman).

Forms in which a Herb May be Consumed: Mixed in Food Preparation, Infusion, Decoction, Powder (Churna), Tablets, Pastes and oils.

Why only Hand Ground Herbs Should be Used: It is utterly important to have hand ground Spices, if you really wish to save n fat medical bills! What happens is that when we use an electric or other high speed grinders, high speed and high temperature is generated. This high heat (High Pitta) has almost entirely killed/heated up the beneficial nutrients of the spices. Net effect of the final product-powder is to vitiate both-Vata & Pitta in our body. best is to use fresh spices every time, hand ground them and use in meal preparation. We can buy them in bulk, store them in dry-dark place, fresh hand ground them as and when required. Few most important benefits of hand round spices are:

  1. It keeps their Medicinal Values-Bio-Chemical Contents alive,
  2. It preserves their taste and aroma in originality and
  3. The small amount of oil that is generated during their grinding at high temperature-high speed lead to their rancidity when then destroys their medicinal properties.

Herbs As regards to Ayurvedic Formulations, Please keep following in mind:

Do not take any Ayurvedic medicines continuously for more than 3 months, just precautionary advice, lest the body starts becoming dependent on a particular medicine/herb. After, say about 2-3 Moths, take a break for 20 days, again re-start, for the next 3 months or till the time you get better.

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