How Diseases Develop and ‘AMA’

The Three Doshas Vata-Pita-Kapha operate at Physical-mental-Subtle levels and thus regulate overall functions of our Divine Body. Dosha imbalance results due various reasons such as Improper Lifestyle-Eating Habits-Environmental factors… (Refer Header Image of this Website-The First Side of Triangle)…

How Diseases Develop: Ayurveda talks about 6 stages of disease development:

  1. Accumulation: This happens in the three Dosha sites, Stomach (Kapha…), Small Intestine (Pitta…) or The Large Intestine (Vata…).
  2. Aggravation: The symptoms as noted with accumulation of Doshas at their sites, become abnormal-vitiated, undergo vitiated bio-chemical alterations and are ready to move out to the other sites. The person experiences, Pain & Spasm in Abdomen, Gas & Rumbling in Bowels, Light-Headedness… (For Vata); Increased Acidity, Burning Sensation in Abdomen, Lowered Vitality, Insomnia… (Pitta); and, Loss of Appetite, indigestion, Nausea, Excess Saliva, Heaviness in Head and Heart, Oversleeping.
  3. Overflow-Dissemination: This is where the Vitiated Doshas have moved out of its original site (Onto the Gastro-Intestinal Site) & are Circulating through the Body along with Plasma & Blood. The Stage simply gives general feeling of being unwell to an individual.
  4. Moving & Localisation at Distant Site/s: As Vitiated Doshas take the Easiest/Weakest route & localise in Tissues-Organs other than their Natural Sites, they disrupt their normal functions.
  5. Manifestation: Symptoms become to appear clearly as vitiated-localised Doshas have spoilt the normal functions of Tissues/Organs.
  6. Chronic Stage: Blown out stage for Vata, Pitta & Kapha. The Doshas show even more prominent signs-symptoms at respective times of the day (Such as Pitta disorder vitiating further at Pitta times of the Day, 1000-1400 or 2200-0200 Hrs).

How Diseases Develop into AMA-Understanding AMA: Now, improper food that we eat, one which doesn’t get digested, assimilated or excreted from the system, stays on in the body, sticks around, ferments, and forms layers, called AMA.
Examples of AMA generating foods could be heavy, rough (non-unctuous), cold, dry, disliked, distending, burning, unclean, antagonistic foods and/or taken untimely or while afflicted by emotions (Passion, anger, greed, confusion, envy, bashfulness, grief, conceit, excitement and fear) and/or excessively Pungent food (Harmful to Channels), consuming antagonistic foods and so on…
People suffering from indigestion experiencing abdominal pains, should never take Pain Killers. The Jatharagni, is already having a hard time being associated with AMA, and will not be able to digest the drugs that you have just taken in, and may even aggravate the situation.
Diseases produced by AMA, get relieved ‘by not feeding the body’, which depends on state of the various Doshas. If AMA formation is at small level, simply fasting might be very useful; If AMA formation has gone to the aggravated levels, one has to go in for Purifactory Therapies.

The best foods/actions to be taken regularly through life: Honey, Empty stomach seasonal fruits, Butter-Milk + Black Seeds, Rice-Pulses-Barley Water, Rock Salt only (Never sprinkle salt from top), Hot Milk + A2 Ghee, Rain Water, Gaudhan Ark…

The above information is not a Medico-Legal advice. The information above is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure… any disease and you may use the above information at any/which way at your own risk and with own responsibility.

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