I.P. Grade Baking Soda


What it is??!! Organic-Non Refined-Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.    
Indication: As per me, this is “The Healthiest Oil of All!”. From 15-55 Years, mostly we have predominance of Pitta in the body & for any/all Pitta related issues, Organic-Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is no less than Nectar. Other than overall body metabolism, this is highly beneficial for Skin, Hair, Oral Health and more…

1. 3-4 times a week, apply-gentle massage scalp 30-60 minutes prior shower,
2. 1 Tsp. + 1 Cup Hot water Once-Twice a day.

1. Keep out of reach of children,
2. Do not consume-drink more than 2-3 Tsp./Day.  

Pricing: Just Rs. 825/ for 1 Litre Bottle. Special Discount (20%!) on buying 2 or more bottles.What it is??!! Firstly, the Sprouts are made out of Organic Wheat Grains (High in Macro-Micro-Trace Nutrients & Liquid Oxygen). The Sprouts are then Sun Dried & Powdered on a Hand-Ground Wheel. The powder is then mixed with Organic Jaggery (Melted on a hot pan) and mixed to liberal amounts of A2-Desi Cow Ghee. Thus we get “Nucleolus Energy Spread“.  

Indication: May be used as a Dietary-Nutrition-protein Supplement. 

Direction: 2-3 Tsp. with/after morning breakfast & 2-3 Tsp. as an evening snack. Actual consumption would depend on Body’s metabolism. 

1. For Kids: <= 12 years, not more than 2-3 Tsp./Day,
2. For Others: <= 4-5 Tsp./day, 
3. Potency is Hot, so excess might cause loose motions!

Pricing: Just Rs. 475/ for 1/2 Kg. Bottle. Special Discount (25%!) on buying 2 or more bottles.

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