I.P. Grade H2O2

About I.P. Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: 
Medicinally, it may be used as an oxidiser and a disinfectant. It has a nice oxidising effect in slightly acidic environment. Remember, Microbials strive & survive only in acidic environments. Hence, it benefits body in scores of medical conditions. Read ‘Indications’ below & do go through detailed posts on Hydrogen Peroxide on this website. Interestingly, our WBC’s produce H2O2 as a first line of defense against invading microbials & that our Saliva itself is a source of Hydrogen Peroxide. It is being made available in 30 mL Food-Grade Dropper Bottles.
Indication: It aids body’s Metabolic System, helps fight infections & strengthens Immune System. It thus, enhances body’s ability to assimilate Vitamins, Minerals, Amino-acids… from the food we eat. 

  • Oral Health: Put a drop to 2 Pinches of baking Soda put onto your toothbrush (Not more than 2-3 times a week),
  • Infections-Wounds: Dilute it with Colloidal Silver & spray-apply it on infected-wounded areas,
  • Skin Health: Add 10-15 drops to a bucket of water & take shower (Below neck region only…) and so on… 

Contra-Indication-Precautions: Not to be used for Internal Purposes.
Pricing: Just Rs. 151/ for 30 mL Drops (Food-Grade Dropper Bottle). Special Discounts (20%!) on buying 2 or more bottles.

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