Ideal Diet-Daily Routine-SH70 Supplement Plan to try beat any Medical Condition

Ideal Diet-Daily Routine-SH70 Supplement Plan Would or Should Look Like… Ideally, as we get up, we must take Usha Paan (Empty stomach water-at least 1/2 a glass of lukewarm water). In specific cases, Usha Paan may be substituted by 1/2 a glass of Fenugreek Seeds water-followed by eating of Fenugreek Seeds also (As the case may be, 1/2 a Tsp. of Fenugreek Seeds is dipped overnight in 1/2 a glass of water). Daily Morning routines may then be completed followed by “At least 30 minutes of Alternate Nostril Breathing-Anulom Velom-with as much Breath Retention as is possible, without straining the body muscles. Let us now go through an Ideal Daily Diet-SH70 Supplement Plan…

  1. Morning Empty Stomach: Honey (2-3 Tsp) + 1-2 Finely Cut Garlic + 1-3 Tsp Lemon and/or 5-10 mL Gaudhan Ark with a cup of water,
  2. Breakfast: Only Seasonal (Sweet) Fruits + Sprinkle Hand Ground Black Pepper + 3-5 Tsp. Wheat Grain Sprouts (For God’s Sake Do Not Sprinkle Salt from Top!),
  3. 45-60 Minutes after Breakfast: 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Silver + 2-8 Drops 3-5% Food Grade H2O2; After 15 Minutes: 2-3 Tsp. Colloidal Copper + 2-8 Drops 3-5% Food Grade H2O2;
    N.B.: H2O2 & Lemon must never be taken together; There must be a difference of at least 45-60 minutes difference between consuming the two; H2O2 & Lemon together form Corrosive acid/s, very harmful for Body’s Mucous Linings; 
  4. For Nervous System-Mental-Stress-Anxiety Disorders(In lieu of Point 3) 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Silver + 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Gold, to be followed by (after 30-60 Minutes) 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Copper;
    N.B.: No Lemon OR any Sour Substance whatsoever to be taken 60-75 Minutes before and after Consuming Colloidal Gold,
  5. An Hour After: “The Baking Soda Dish”: 2-5 Pinches Baking Soda + 1/3rd-½ Tsp. Carom Seeds + 1/3rd-1/2 Black Seeds (Kalaunji) + 1 Cup Warm-Hot Water, Once-Twice a Day, as the case may be, 
  6. An Hour After: 1/2 Glass Boiling Water + 1 Tsp. A2-Desi Cow Ghee,
  7. Lunch: 1/2-1 glass Butter-Milk (No Curd Please Ever!) + ½-1 Tsp Black Seeds (Kalaunji) + ½-1 Tsp Black Cumin Seeds (Kaala jeera). (Please use A2-Desi Cow Ghee Liberally to your Hot Pulses-Vegetables), (Have some Organic-Non Chemical Gud after Meals),
  8. A Punch Nap is Healthy after Lunch – Put 2-3 Drops of ‘Herbalised A2 Ghee in Each Nostril and a gentle massage with few drops on your naval & Relax’,
  9. An Hours after Lunch-Afternoon:
  • 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Silver + 2-8 Drops H2O2,
  • 15 Minutes after: 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Copper (Not to add anything to evening dose of Colloidal Copper),
  • For Nervous System-Mental Disorders: 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Silver + 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Gold, to be followed by (after 15 Minutes) 2-3 Tsp Colloidal Copper. Keep Colloids in Mouth for at least 2-3 Minutes before swallowing. No Lemon (or Sour) whatsoever to be taken 1-1.5 Hours before and after Consuming Colloidal Gold,
  1. An Hour After: 1/2 Glass Boiling Water + 1 Tsp. A2-Desi Cow Ghee,
  2. Late Afternoon-Early Evening: “The Baking Soda Dish-Refer Above”,
  3. Two Hours Prior Dinner: At Least 45 Minutes after Anulom Velom, with as much Breath retention as possible, 
  4. Dinner: Usual Dinner (Pulses, No Root Vegetable, No Dry Foods-Always Pour Some A2 Ghee), followed by some jaggery-Gud, and please do avoid Curd, Onion, Rice, Root Vegetables or Non-Veg. for Dinner,
  5. An Hour After: Boil 1/2-1 glass of A2 or Toned Milk with 1-3 Pinches of Turmeric, take it off the heat, add 1-1.5 Tsp. of A2 Ghee & Drink.

To add to above Routine:

  1. Whenever drinking water, keep the gulp of water in your mouth for at least 2.5-3 minutes before swallowing,
  2. Liberally Consume Lemon (During The Day),
  3. Prior Sleep: 5-10 mL Gaudhan Ark + a cup of water.

What I-My Company May Provide as an Aid to Follow An Ideal Diet Plan-Daily Routine:

  1. Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Copper & Colloidal Gold,
  2. Gud-Jaggery, Organic-0% Sugar Added Honey & Organic Wheat Grains,
  3. Desi Cow A2 Ghee & Herbalised Desi Cow A2 Ghee,
  4. Baking Soda & Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide,
  5. Leech Oil (Hair Issues) & Clove Oil (Anti-Inflammatory) and
  6. Gaudhan Ark (Purified & Distilled Desi-A2 Cow’s Urine),
  7. For Nasal-Eye-Ear Related Disorders: Colloidal Silver Drops,
  8. A Polar-Non-Polar Solvent DMSO.

If You Could Follow such a Plan for Say “As Less As 3 Weeks”, and “Still You Don’t Feel The Positive Changes Happening In Your Body”, “I Would Seriously Consider Putting an End to My Studies-Research…”!!

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