Kapal Bhati or Forceful Expulsion of Breath-Through Nose

As per ‘Ayurveda’, ‘Our Stomach’ is the ‘Control Region for Kapha – The Plasma Chyle (Water Component) of the Body’, ‘Our Small Intestine’ is the ‘Control Region for Pitta – The Fire Component (or, The Metabolism) of the Body’, and ‘Our Large Intestine’ is the ‘Control region for Vata – The Air Component / The Nerve Force of the Body’. And, Kapal Bhati is a Beautiful pranayama – Breathing exercise which does Abdominal Massage, and Pacifies-Balances Vata, Pitta & Kapha. As this happens, the healing process also gets greatly enhanced, and the body starts its journey back to normalcy. 

The Procedure:                                                                       

During this whole Exercise You Shall Breathe Only Through Your Nose and Never Through Your Mouth.

  1. Sit in Normal Sukhasana (i.e. With your legs folded), With Your Spinal Cord Straight, and Your Neck and Spine in a Straight Line, and Your Neck Slightly Tucked In.
  2. Please Note, Various Sources Give Different Opinions as to in What Postures we May do This Pranayama, But I Am of Strong Conviction, That This Breathing exercise should Only Be Done on Floor – Straight Surface, with Legs Folded, and Never Standing or Sitting on Chair etc. My understanding is that, if this Pranayama is done, while not keeping our legs folded/or While Standing, it would put undue Pressure On The Abdominal Region in The Downward Direction, and May Lead to Serious Complications.
  3. Concentrate on Your Naval Region, and Start Rigorous Exhalation of Your Breath Only Through Your Nose. Your Concentration should only be pointed towards Exhalation, Eyes Closed and Internally Pointed at Your Naval Centre. The Inhalation Part Will Happen On Its Own. As You Exhale, You Should Notice Your Naval Going Inwards Towards Your Spine.
  4. While Doing This, Concentrate on Naval Region, with Feeling that All Dirt/Negative Energies/Diseases of Body is Getting Burnt Up and Leaving The Body, as You Do Forceful Exhalation Through Your Nose.


This Will Depend on Severity of Ailment. You Can’t Expect to Have Betterment in Your Diabetic Condition by Doing This for Just 5-10 Minutes. Specifically, Start It With 5-10 Minutes Morning and Evening, and, Slowly Increase It To 40-45 Minutes Morning and Evening. And These 40-45 Minutes Should Not Include The Rest Time That You Take While Doing The Pranayama!

Benefits: It has great positive effects on the body such as

  1. Effectively Oxygenates the body & helps expel toxins (such as carbon Dioxide) (Highly Positive Effect in Stimulating Body’s Immunity),
  2. Helps in awakening of Ajna Chakra (Third Eye),
  3. Positively affects Nervous System-Mental Disorders, Circulatory System, Respiratory System (Increases Lung capacity to Hold Oxygen), Metabolic-Digestive System Disorders (Obesity, Constipation…), Bone-Muscle Health (Anti-Inflammatory), Skin Health and much more…

Also, I would like to mention, Rig Veda Mentions, Steadfastness of Mind is achieved by Throwing out, The air Within The Body, and keeping it that way (Keeping The Air Out), for as long as is Practicable for a Person.

Contra-Indications: Excess Stress, especially if done standing, could lead to complications such as Hernia, Hydrosil, Uterine Prolapse… It is best avoided by Pregnant ladies.

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