Limestone-चूना-Pickling Lime

Crude Lime is simply Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) derived from Lime Stones. Limestone is heated to form Calcium Oxide (Quicklime), which is pure lime, but we can’t consume it. Quicklime is then treated with plenty of water to get consumable Calcium Hydroxide (Limestone-चूना-Pickling Lime). Limestone-चूना-Pickling Lime or Calcium Hydroxide when consumed in very small quantity (not more than a wheat grain size a day dissolved in appropriate amount of water) is a pure source of Calcium for the body. Limestone-चूना-Pickling Lime is a Natural Source of Calcium & Silica…Rishi Vagbhatta mentions in Ashtanga Hridyam that Limestone-चूना-Pickling Lime alone can cure 70 diseases! Store Limestone in a Cool and Dry Place. Limestone predominantly pacifies Vata & to a lesser extent Kapha.

Medicinally, Limestone-चूना-Pickling Lime is Anti-Microbial-Immune-Metabolic System Stimulant (Anti-Biotic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Pyretic…), Anti-Inflammatory, Respiratory-Abdominal-Oral Health, (Teeth Sensitivity-Mouth Ulcers-Drink Limestone Water…), Circulatory System (Anaemia-wheat grain sized with a cup of Orange or Pomegranate Juice daily morning), Bone Health (Osteoporosis, Musculoskeletal Pains, Arthritis, Spinal Cord Related Problems–Sciatica Pain-Apply Limestone-Honey Paste to aching areas…), Hair Health (Hairfall issues-Limestone is high in Silica Content), Eye-Vision Health, Liver Stimulant (Regular-Controlled use of Limestone is effective in fighting Hepatitis-All types-A, B, C, D, E, Jaundice (पीलिया)- Wheat-grain size mixed with Sugarcane juice or Sweet Lime Juice or Grapes Juice), Stimulates Height Growth-Below 21 Years (A grain sized with ½ a bowl of curd daily afternoon),  and is good for Excretory-Reproductory System Disorders (Impotency, Low Sperm Count, Primary Infertility-Wheat grain size Limestone mixed with Morning Fruits-Fruit Juices, Breast Development, Menopause, Regulates Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy-Eases Normal Delivery-Wheat grain sized Limestone with a Cup of Pomegranate Juice…), Increases Brain-Mental Power

How may we consume Limestone-चूना-Pickling Lime: Depending on Medical Condition, the maximum dose of 1 grain size of Limestone/Day may be increased to 2 Wheat Grain Size (no such medical Condition such as Kidney malfunction etc. should be existent at the time), but such an increased dosage MUST NOT be continued for more than a week at a stretch…:

  1. Mix-Stir a wheat grain sized Limestone in a glass of warm water, strain it with layers of cotton cloth & drink it once a day or
  2. Have a wheat grain sized Limestone with Your Morning Fruits/Fruit Juices or
  3. Mix wheat grain sized Limestone with Vegetable Curry or
  4. Mix wheat grain sized Limestone with Butter-Milk (After-Noon) or
  5. Mix wheat grain sized Limestone with Pulses Curry or
  6. Mix wheat grain sized Limestone with Vegetable-Soups or
  7. A wheat grain sized limestone mixed-stirred with a glass of pure sugarcane juice and so on…

Contra-Indications-Side-Effects: If done on a regular basis, it could lead to stones formation in the body. Also, people with history of chronic stones formation in the body are advised against Limestone-चूना-Pickling Lime treatment. Similarly, people with Kidney related ailments, should avoid Limestone treatment. Pregnant & Lactating Ladies should not take it continuously for more than a week. People with any sort of Medical Conditions & Children below 12 years are advised against consuming Limestone.

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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