Long Pepper- पिप्पलि-Piper Longum

Long Pepper- पिप्पलिPiper Longum (पिपल, V- P+ K-):
Long Pepper Fruit: It is Pungent in Taste, Light, Sharp-Penetrating, and Unctuous (Snigdha-Oily). ‘Virya’ is ‘Mild Cooling’. ‘Vipaka’ is Sweet (Madhura). Remember, Fresh Long Pepper (Fruit) is Heavy and may increase Kapha in Excess.
Long Pepper Root (or Dried-Powdered Form): It is Pungent in Taste, Light, Dry, Sharp-Penetrating. ‘Virya’ is Hot. ‘Vipaka’ is Pungent.
Unripe Fruit is dried in Sun and is then available in the powdered form. Mythologically, it is said to have been emerged during “Samudra Manthan”.

Bio-Chemically, it contains large number of Alkaloids and other related compounds, most important being Piperine, together with Sesenin, Pipla-Sterol, Methyl Piperine, Iperonaline, Piperettine, Asarinine, Pellitorine, Piperundecalidine, Piperlongumine and many more. It also consists of many essential volatile oils.

Medicinally, it is Anti-Microbial (Anti-Parasitical, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Pyretic, Immuno-Stimulant, Used in Preparations of Pickles), Metabolic-Digestive System (Blood Cleanser, Clears AMA, Anti-Diabetic), Muscle-Bone Health (Anti-Inflammatory), Neural Disorders (Migraines, Anti-Depressant, Shock and Seizures, Rejuvenate), Excretory-Reproductive Systems & Liver-Spleen Stimulant (Diuretic, Aphrodisiac, Erectile Dysfunction, Stimulates Sperm Mobility, Spleen Enlargement-Other Spleen Disorders)…

How may we consume Long Pepper- पिप्पलिPiper Longum?

  1. Hand Ground Pippali Powder (Check out ‘Turkish Hand Grinders’ & ‘Mortar & Pestle’ Below),
  2. Infusion,
  3. Powder with Honey,
  4. Pippali Extract-Ark
  5. As an oil,
  6. Sprinkle small amount of Powder to your Morning Fruits…

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