Macro-Nutrients – Proteins – Amino Acids

There are Total of 20 Amino Acids in The Body, Nine of Them Essential & The Remaining Non-Essential. They do various functions in the Body such as To Form Proteins, Form Hormones, Form Neuro-Transmitters and so on… Few Essential (& Few Non-Essential as per Book! But Very Important) Amino-Acids found in The Body are:

  1. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP): Essential Bio-Chemical formed from Amino-Acid (Tryptophan) taken from Foods. Tryptophan is converted to 5-HTP to Serotonin (Neuro-Transmitter amongst Brain Cells). Serotonin Levels in Blood helps regulate Mood & Behaviour.                                                                                           5-HTP has or may have positive effect on Sleep-Anxiety-Mood-Appetite-Body Pain…                                                                                                   Again Supplements must be avoided at all times. In the Past (1989) Tryptophan Supplement was suspected to be responsible for outbreak of Eosinophilic Myalgia Syndrome.                                                                 Few good sources of Tryptophan are A-2 Milk, Potatoes, Pumpkin (+ Seeds), Turnip… 
  2. Betaine (or Betaine Anhydrous or Trimethylglycine-TMG): An Amino-Acid required for Liver & Reproductive Functions. The Amino Acid is synthesised in the body itself. TMG is involved in synthesis of a Bio-Chemical Carnitine & Metabolise an Amino Acid Homocysteine. 
  3. Creatine: A Naturally Occurring Amino-Acid which is formed by our Body itself in Pancreas, Liver & Kidneys. It is stored in our Muscles where it aids in production of energy (Including ATP). Few rich sources are: A-2 Ghee, A-2 Milk, A-2 Mutra (Pure Desi-Organic Cow with a Hump Urine).                      
  4. Cysteine: A powerful Amino Acid, used throughout the body, gets eventually converted into Glutathione (A Bio-Chemical) which works as a Powerful Antibiotic. It is greatly helpful in fighting various adverse reactions due Medicinal Drugs and Other Chemical Toxins (Talk about Soft drinks!), which are or could be very harmful even for our Liver & Kidneys.                                                                           Cysteine is made from Methionine, which also is an Essential Amino Acid, Rich Sources of which are: Wheat Sprouts, Butter-Milk, Oats… 
  5. Glucosamine: It is a Compound of Glucose & and Amino Acid Glutamine, and is Naturally formed in the Body. It is formation of cartilage-connective tissue in our body. Take enough of Vitamin-C & Manganese Sources and you won’t run short on Glucosamine formation in the body. 
  6. Glutamine: Another Amino-Acid found amply in our body. Most of it is made in our body and is stored in our Lungs & Muscles. It serves many important functions in our body such as:                                                                              Immune System Functioning – Wound Healing – Recovery after Illness,               Removes excess ammonia (a waste product) from our body,                                      Maintains Normal Bran Functions in our Body,                                                         Maintains Normal Digestive System in our Body…and so on…                Important sources are:                                                                                       A-2 Ghee, A-2 Curd, Raw Spinach, Raw Parsley, Raw Cabbage and so on…
  7. Lysine or L-lysine: An Essential Amino Acid, that is not formed in the body and has to be consumed through the food that we take in. It is important for proper body growth and aids in production of Carnitine which aids in converting fatty Acids into Energy, Helps maintain Good Cholesterol in The Body & Reduces Bad Cholesterol in The Body. It helps absorption of Calcium and formation of Collagen in the Body. Best Sources of Lysine would be Beans, Peas & Lentils (Legumes).
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