Meaning of Uric Acid (Hyperuricaemia) in Blood/Body – The Theory

What is Hyperuricaemia?! Well, it is just an excess of uric Acid in the blood. Uric Acid passes through Blood to our Bloodstream. Most is excreted through Urine, or passes through Intestines (i.e. Stool, though, in small amounts), and thus The Normal levels are maintained in the Bloodstream.

Excess Uric Acid in the blood may also lead to Gout (Called Vata Raqta, in Ayurveda), a type of Arthritis, Inflammation of the joints. See Featured Image.

The normal range of Uric Acid levels in The Blood is 2.4 – 6.0 mg/dL (Females), and 3.4 – 7.0 mg/dL (Males).

Now, ‘Purines’ are Nitrogen-Containing compounds, which could be Exogenous (From external sources, food…) or Endogenous (Made inside our body). These break down into Uric Acid, and are responsible for maintaining The Normal Quantity of Uric Acid in the Bloodstream. Due excess intake of Purines, excess Uric Acid gets formed in the body, which then accumulates in our body, and may also crystallise. Excess Uric Acid levels in the body are also responsible for Kidney Stones and Gout.

Thus, we may state, The Uric Acid being formed in the body is more than what the kidneys are able to excrete out.

The Causes:

  • Hereditary,
  • Sedentary Lifestyle,
  • Increased intake of Purines, and thus Uric Acid gets produced in the body in increased levels,
  • Few Cancers/Chemotherapy (The Radiation Therapy Kills Cancer Cells, which then release Uric Acid into the Bloodstream),
  • Kidney Malfunction,
  • Side-Effects of certain Allopathy Medicines,
  • Acidosis (Increased levels of Acidity in the Blood Stream),
  • Obesity, Psoriasis, Hypothyroidism, Anaemia, Heart failure…

The Ayurvedic Causes for Hyperuricaemia could be Vata and Pitta Vitiation, which would indicate, Improper Digestion and Body Metabolism. Such a situation develops, when AMA (Layer/s of Undigested Food Particles) has entered the deepest layers of The Body Tissues. As such, ‘The Swedana Therapy’ would form a very important part of the treatment.

And since, Vata and Pitta are involved, increased use of various Ghee-s along with the treatment would be very beneficial, such as Panchgavya Ghrit, Trifaladi Ghrit, Arjuna Ghrit, or just simply Pure Desi Cow Ghee (Most Preferable, Not the Jersey Cow Ghee).

The Symptoms: These include:

  • Severe Muscle Pains,
  • Joints Inflammations,
  • Kidney Related Ailments,
  • Gouty Arthritis (Joint Inflammations),
  • Fever (May be High), and so on…
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