Meditational Technique 01: Concentrating on Breath

After You Have Decided To Give a Serious Try to Meditation, Follow The Following Steps to Carry Out This Particular Meditational Technique – Concentrating on Breath…

  1. Firstly, You Should Always Meditate Empty Stomach, or at least 3 Hours after Meals. The Empty Stomach-Light Body Definitely assists in Good Meditation. Also, The Flow of Body Nerve Force is Better Empty Stomach,
  2. Look for a Clean-Quiet Place. You Might Be Saying Now: “Hmm. I Have Heard This Before!” You are Right, Just Don’t Bother, if Yu Don’t Have Such a Place, I also Do Not Have Such a Place. I simply use a Headset to Block out The External Surroundings, and Whenever I am Not doing Any Work on My Laptop while Travelling, I Do This Meditation While Travelling in Metro!
  3. If Doing at Home, Please ‘Try Using The same Place Daily For Meditation’. The Reason Being That This Minimises The distraction and The Positive Energy in The Area Builds Up,
  4. Now Comes The Posture: Best is Padma-Asana (Buddha Pose or Lotus Pose!); Not Possible, Go for Simple Sukhasana (Folded Legs); Or Else, Simply Do it On A Chair. Just have a Straight Posture, Head & Spine Straight, Head Slightly Tucked in,
  5. The procedure: Close your eyes, and concentrate on Each Breath, Through Inhale-exhale-Inhale-Exhale … of Each Breath. Feel The Pranic Life Force Energy, going in and out of your nostrils. We may do it for as long as we can, It Will Never Harm Us! But, We May Start it With 15-20 Minutes in One Sitting. 
  1. This will give You Patience and Peace of Mind. The Prana that we are taking in, a Representative of The Purusha. Concentrating on Breath Ceases both the Mind and the Self,
  2. Make you Better Aware of your Surroundings,
  3. Help you Know about Your Own self, About Your Body, and Give You Insight,
  4. Meditation also gives Stamina and Strength,
  5. Meditation has a Role in Curing Any & All Ailment/s.
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