Micro-Nutrients B-Complex Vitamins

These are Water-Soluble Vitamins. The B-Complex Vitamins are Mostly Enzyme Co-factors (or Coenzymes). i.e. these assist Enzymes in their functioning in the body. These B-Complex Vitamins do this while tightly Bound to Enzymes (Covalent Bond/s).

Vitamin-B Complex, while functioning as Co-Enzymes are lightly attached to Enzymes. These then are Detachable Molecules and carry Chemical groups or electrons between Molecules.

B-Complex Vitamins convert Carbohydrates (Food) to Glucose (Which Then Produces Energy). Also Help Body in Utilisation of Fats & Proteins. These are also required for ‘Proper Nervous System Functioning’, ‘Healthy hair, Skin, Eye & Liver’. Vitamin-B complex play Important Roles in Body Metabolism.

Please Do Keep in Mind, Taking any Single Vitamin-B may Result in Imbalance of Other B-Vitamins.

Vitamin B-Complex would comprise of many B-Vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12. Details on all these B-Complex Vitamins are covered in Separate Posts.

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