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Sodium is ‘An essential Mineral’ and is mostly found in ‘The Blood’ & ‘The Plasma’. Though Sodium might be responsible for High Blood Pressure in the Body, but that is because many consume much more sodium than is required by the body. Sodium is antagonistic to Phosphorous & Potassium. Sodium () along with Potassium are important Electrolytes in Human Body fluids. Maintains Electrolyte Balance in The Body (Fluid Inside-Outside The Body Cells).

What Sodium Does? Sodium is dissolved in our Blood & performs following functions in the body:

  • Control Blood Pressure,
  • Regulates Functions of Muscles & Nerves in The Body,
  • It Attracts-Holds Water & Helps Maintain Blood Plasma,

Reasons for Shortage of Sodium: Deficiency of Sodium is not normally seen but may result due Wrong Diet, Side Effects of Medicines-Drugs, Excess Sweating (With Minimal Sodium Intake).

Sodium Excess may lead to:

Water retention in the Body increases also The Blood Volume increases in the Blood. Blood Vessels Diameter remaining same (or Expandable to a limited extent) The Blood Pressure is set to increase.

Our Kidneys control Sodium Levels in The Body and Keeps in the Body or excretes through urine the excess sodium as is required by the body.

As such kidney malfunction may be linked to irregular control of sodium levels in the body.

Rich Source of Sodium:

Plant Sources:           Celery, Beets, Cauliflower

Minerals:                    Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt), Sodium Bi-Carbonate.

Finally Packed & Processed Foods have lot of Sodium salts Pre-Added.

Daily Recommended Values:

Adults:            Upto 2.4 grams/Day.

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