What Fluorine Does? It is a Micro-Trace element and only around 2.5+mg occurs in an Adult Human Body. It is naturally present in the body-foods-drink we consume (& Not as Fluorine Gas! But The Ionic Fluoride). Its highest concentration is in Bones & Teeth where it is bound to Calcified Tissues. Interesting fact worth mentioning here is that studies have pointed out that Fluoride is not required by Human Body for its Growth or Life Sustenance. Does following:

  • During Tooth Development, it is available as Fluorapatite, which reduces the solubility of enamel to acid dissolution,
  • Increases Structural Stability of Teeth and Bones…

Reasons for Shortage of Fluorine: Bad Soil Source and as always Modern – Chemical Laden Medicinal Drugs.

Fluorine Excess may lead to:

  • Dental Fluorosis,
  • Skeletal Fluorosis – Bone Fractures,
  • Amazing “Modern Time Discovery” is Fluoride Toothpastes, as Fluoride at surface of Enamel forms Calcium Fluoride, which due its unique property, alters the De-Mineralisation – Re-Mineralisation, which is the big reason for Dental Decay.

Rich Source of Fluorine:

Plant Sources:             Baked Potatoes, Carrots, Drinking Water.

Fruit Sources:              Raisins…

Animal Sources:       Crab, Fish Chicken – Don’t worry – We can live without all these and Fluoride!

Others:                       Black Tea,

Daily Recommended Values:

Adults:            Widely varying Data but around 1 – 2 mg/Day. It can be easily had from Diet and Please never-ever take any Synthetic Fluoride Chemicals such as Specific Tooth Pastes.

Contra-Indications:               Won’t harm you much –actually none-if you do not consume Fluorine! Carrots-Potatoes-Raisins are still very much required due their many other essential ingredients. Just don’t bother about Fluorine Daily Requirements.

Some studies have pointed out that subjects exposed to Fluoride Concentrations of 2-10 mg/Day, have been found to have Lower IQ’s!

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