Per se. independently, Cadmium has no Use for Human Body. Though, it is similar in structure and function to Zinc in The Human Body. Cadmium-Zinc ratio is very important in Human Body & even little increase in cadmium levels could be Toxic for us (This may easily happen with even minor Zinc Deficiency). Exposure may only happen through Industrial Effluents-Contaminated Water.

The Mineral, in our Body is mostly concentrated, or gets stored in our Liver & Kidneys.

Reasons for Cadmium Toxicity:

  • Deficiency of Zinc which readily occurs due excess alcoholism (Alcohol expels Zinc in urine),
  • Excess consumption of Refined Stuff (Refined Grains-Flours-Refined Cooking Oils and so on…),
  • Once consumed, it is not easily excreted by our Body Excretory System.

Cadmium Toxicity Leads (or May Lead to):

  • Tissue Damage,
  • Severe Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, Vitamin-D Deficiency,
  • Cadmium is a known Carcinogen,
  • High BP,
  • Excretory-Reproductive System mal-Function and so on…

Sources of Cadmium:

Coffee, Refined Flours, Refined Oils, Refined Rice, Refined Sugar, Root Vegetables (From Industrial Cadmium Adulterated Soils), Tea, Tobacco….All Poisons in Their Own Terms.

Interesting fat is that in cadmium Adulterated Soils, Cadmium would get concentrated in Core of kernel whereas Zinc gets deposited in the Germ & Barn Coverings, and hence, gets easily gets wiped off during Refinement Process/es. And hence, Whole Foods-Grains are much more healthier for The Body.

Easiest solution for protection against Cadmium Toxicity is to keep Zinc Concentrations in Human Body at Optimum Levels.

A normal adult human body could easily have in addition of 30 mg of Cadmium. Now I really can’t say whether it was inherent at birth or the amount has been accumulated in the body over years. Though studies have pointed to the fact that a normal life could be had in the absence of Cadmium without any side-effect at all!

Daily intake of Cadmium, due various adulterations (Including Cadmium found in cigarette Smoke) could be as high as 30 mcg/Day (or more).

Consumption of Copper, Iron, Selenium & Vitamin-C (Lemon in Picture – Yet Again!) helps eliminate Cadmium from our System.

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