Germanium (Organic Germanium-132) is required in very small amounts. Interesting fact is Germanium is used in wide range of supplements (Though, as per me, Supplements-None should never ever be taken). Germanium does following in our Body:

  • Aids production of Interferons (Group of Signalling Proteins made-released by Host (Our Body) Cells in response to various Exogenous Pathogens (Such as Virus-Bacteria-Other Parasites including Tumours-Carcinogenic Cells),
  • Germanium regulates uptake of oxygen at cellular level,
  • Helps in general metabolism of the body, maintains various Body Homeostasis in balance (pH Balance, Temperature, Fat Metabolism-Blood Cholesterol-Pressure-Insulin Levels and so on…),
  • Has a role in regulating-Strengthening Immune System – Anti-Tumour-Cancer-Anti AIDS Properties – A good/Better Immune System also aids fight against Other Degenerative Ailments,
  • It has been used for Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis and Weak Bones (Including Anti-Inflammatory Properties),
  • Protective agent against radiation Damage,
  • Works against Neurological Ailments such as Depression.

Reasons for Germanium Deficiency: Mostly Depletion of Soil Nutrients use rampant use of Chemicals laden Pesticides-Fertilisers (Instead of using Organic-A2 Cow’s Dung and Urine), Smoking (Chemical Laden Cigarettes instead of Organic Tobacco!), Alcohlism.

Sources of Germanium:

Plant Sources:           Broccoli, Comfrey, Mushrooms, Tomato Juice, Hemp Seeds, Whole Grains,

Herbs & Spices:         Celery (Carom Seeds – अजवायन), Garlic, Aloe-Vera, Ginseng, Comfrey,

Animal Sources:        A2 Ghee, A2 Milk, A2 Gaudhan Ark,

Germanium Toxicity Leads (or May Lead to):

  • Excess intake may be damaging to Kidneys,
  • Oral intake is contra-indicated during Pregnancy.

Estimated Daily Intake: 1 mg.

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