What Vanadium Does? Required (In Very Small Amounts) for:

  • Normal Body Growth,
  • Normal Bone Growth (Maintains Bone Density & Prevents Age Related Bone Loss),
  • Maintain Blood Sugar Levels – Sensitivity to Insulin – Fat Metabolism in our Body – Also has Positive effect on Total Cholesterol (Including LDL & VLDL),
  • Aids Enzymatic Actions in The Body &
  • Enhances Calcium Metabolism.

Reasons for Shortage of Vanadium: Bad Diet, Side-Effects of Medicines.

Vanadium Deficiency may lead to:

  • Cardiovascular Ailments,
  • Few Types of Cancers,
  • Increased Bad Cholesterol (LDL-VLDL-Triglycerides),
  • Positive effects in treatment of Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Anaemia, Edema…

Rich Source of Vanadium:

Plant Sources:           Mushrooms, Parsley (अजमोद), Barley, Whole Grains, kelp, Mushrooms, Seaweed (Kombu), Wheat Germ…

Herb Sources:            Black Pepper…

Fruit Sources:            Apples, Wine, Beer…

Animal Sources:        Shellfish, Eggs…

Daily Recommended Values:

Adults:                        Upto 1 – 1.5 mg/Day (This would be The Upper Tolerable Limit but Mostly DRV is Not Established). I would put the safe limit much-much below this as a typical Daily Diet would just provide around 20-50 mcg/Day.

Contra-Indications: Higher than Recommended Doses may be Toxic. Toxicity effects would include Abdominal Disorders, A Green Tongue, Nervous Disorders, Kidney Disorders. Supplements to be strictly avoided by Pregnant & Breast-Feeding Women (Anyway, as per me, all should completely avoid any synthetic supplements & go in for Natural Sources only). Avoid this if you are under any kind of medication.

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