Nasal Therapy

Nasal Therapy simply implies administering ‘Specified Dravyas/Oils/Fluids/Herbal Decoctions-Powders’ into the Head/Neck region through the nostrils. Nasal Therapy is especially suitable for curing the parts above the shoulder. Nose is the gateway to the head, and cures all related problems. Nasal Therapy (The Oil-Ghee per-se) pervades the Srotas-Channels-Dissolves AMA-Toxins & Eliminates them from the region.

Drugs-Herbs for Nasal Therapeutic use:

A2-Desi Cow Ghee, Colloidal Silver Drops, Anu Thailam, Apamarga, Brahmi and so on… Saindhava or Sendha Salt purifies the head. Please note, we also have an Allopathic Medicine NaCl drops, for the kids, to clear the nasal congestion!!! So, why not use Sendha Salt, which pacifies all the three Doshas (V, P & K).

Nasal Therapy is Suitable For: Properly done (with appropriate Oils-Ghee) Nasya therapy Pacifies all Doshas (Specially effective for Vata Disorders such as A2 Ghee for Dry nasal pasages). The Therapy is preferred for disorders related to Head-Eye-Hair (Stiffness, Mental Disorders, Eye Disorders-Weal Eyesight, Early Greying of Hair, Hairfall…), Oral Cavity (Suh as Carotid Glands-Arteries, Uvulitis, Tonsillitis, Speech Disorders-Hoarse Voice-Stammering, Teeth Disorders-Tingling Sensations-Loosening…), Throat (Such as Rhinitis-Running Nose, Coryza (common cold), Severe Sinusitis, Obstructions…), Neck (General Stiffness, Goitre), Overall Face (Such as Facial Paralysis…)… It is effective in general disorders such as Corneal-Other Eye Disorders, Hyper-Pigmentation, Headaches-Migraines and also Neural Disorders (Such as Motor Neuron Disorders, Memory Loss, Stress, Insomnia, Convulsions…)…

Nasal Therapy is Contra-Indicated-Un-Suitable For:

Contraindicated-Unfit for: Resulting Mal-Effects:
Those having indigestion or have just taken meals-are on full stomach The impurity obstructs the upper carrying channels and thus causes cough, dyspnoea, vomiting and Coryza
Those taking some Uncting substance/s or who are going to take wine or water after head evacuation It may produce discharge from mouth and nose, dirt in eyes, defects of vision and head diseases
Those who have just bathed or soon plan to take bath (After Nasal Therapy) It may cause Coryza (Irritation/Inflammation of the Mucous Membrane)
One is hungry It may cause vitiation of V
One is thirsty It may cause increased thirst and dryness of the mouth (Thereby Vitiating Vata & Pitta)
In tired, intoxicated, injured or fainted persons and/or suffering from acute Coryza. May aggravate the symptoms, damage channels (Pure A2 ghee may be used)
In those exhausted by coitus (intercourse), physical exercise or drinking It may cause pain in head, shoulder, eye and chest
In those heated with acute fever or grief The heat circulating through ophthalmic nerves may cause defects of vision or may aggravate the fever
In those having taken unctuous enema Increased Kapha may produce heaviness in head, itching and worms
In pregnant women It may still the foetus or foetus may be delivered one- eyed, lumped, with crooked arm, hemiplegic (On side of body paralysed) or lame
In unsuitable season or bad weather (Such as cloudy weather or winter season) May lead to Cold, Head Disorders, Kapha Vitiation and so on…

Also, after Nasal Therapy we should not consume anything for 1 hour at least, or take shower immediately after.

Directions-Nasal Therapy Procedure:

  1. Finish your morning routines. The system should be cleaned up (Naturally or with purgatives, as appropriate),
  2. The Subject is then to be Uncted & Gentle massage done on Face-Neck region (with Black Sesame or Coconut oil, as appropriate). The head is then fomented with ‘Towel dipped in hot water or heated on a pan’,
  3. The Nasya Oil (or A2 Ghee as appropriate) is then administered (2-5 Drops as appropriate) to each nostril, considering strength of Dosha,
  4. Administering Nasal Therapy at appropriate times:
  • For Vitiated Vata: Administer in Evening,
  • For Vitiated Pitta: Administer in Mid-Day,
  • For Vitiated Kapha: Administer in Evening,
  • Autumn & Spring: Administer in Forenoon,
  • Winters: Mid-Day,
  • Summers: Evenings,
  • Rainy Season: Only while there is Sunlight,
  1. The subject to lie with head tilted backwards for at least 5 minutes after administering of Nasya,
  2. An hour or so after Nasal Therapy, subject should inhale smoke/fumes (Burn Dried Leaves of Neem and/or 5-7 Pinches each of Turmeric & Hand Ground Black Pepper + A2 Ghee) and gargle for some time to clear the throat,
  3. After Nasal Therapy, one should stay warm & avoid A/C or fan in all cases,
  4. If one feels uncomfortable due itching (Ghee-Oil instilling down to the throat), just have a cup of Hot Water (Sprinkle hand ground Black pepper) and/or Jaggery Tea…

The above information is not a Medico-Legal advice. The information above is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure… any disease and you may use the above information at any/which way at your own risk and with own responsibility.

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