Breast Feeding, Lactation Failure Management & Galactagogue

Lactation Failure (or Lactation Deficiency or Hypogalactia) could be Partial or Complete depending on The Breast Milk Output. There could be Insufficient or Complete Absence of Breast Milk Production. Minimal or absence of Reflex to Sucking is observed. From the Modern (!) as well Ancient (Ayurvedic Point of View) the Situation is Mostly Completely Revival…

Causes would be ”Junk Foods-Mal Nutrition-Nutritional Deficiency”, “Medical Conditions such as ‘Obesity-High BP-Diabetes’, ‘Anaemia’, ‘Hypoproteinaemia (Abnormally Low Levels of Proteins in the Blood)’, ‘Pathogenic-Viral/Bacterial Infections such as TB’, ‘Premature Delivery’, Prolactin (PRL, Luteotropic Hormone-A Protein than enables Female Mammals to produce Milk, Secreted by Pituitary Gland & has a Role to Play in Body’s Metabolism-Immune System & Pancreatic Development)”, “Side-Effects of Modern Day Drugs (Medicinal & Recreational) (Such as Anaesthetics, Medicines to Induce Forced Labour, BP medicines…)”, “Postpartum Haemorrhage-Blood Loss During-After Birth”… It could also result due Psychological Factors such as dislike for The Baby…One Physiological Cause could be Breast Hypoplasia (Insufficient Glandular Tissue or Below Normal growth of mammary gland/s during Puberty). Other Big Reasons could be Excess Smoking and Alcoholism.

A Bit on Bio-Chemistry: Mother’ Milk is high in Immunoglobin A (A Protein, an Antibody, Immune Booster & Anti-Pathogenic (Anti-bacterial, Anti-Viral!!), Lactoferrin (A Protein essential for overall Body Development-Body Metabolism-Immune Booster-Tissue Health-Much More…This Protein is found only in Human & Desi-Vedic Cow’s Milk!!!! I hope Secular guys of India are Listening!! Ref. Various Studies-Research Reports!) and Lysozyme (Immune Booster & One of the Most Powerful Natural Anti-Pathogenic Agent!! It is a strong natural Preservative and considerable increases Shelf Life!). Colostrum, the first milk, immediately after a baby is born has high content of Lactoferrin. I actually was not at all surprised to read that All These Three Super Proteins are found in ample quantities in Human Saliva => Always Drink Water Slowly, While Sitting & Always Drink by First Rinsing The Water in Your Mouth.

Ayurvedically, Breast Milk is considered as a Nectar for a New Born Baby. Breast Milk is Upa-Dhatu of Rasa Dhatu (i.e. Upa-Dhatu of mother’s Rasa Dhatu). The Breast Milk itself would tell the state of Doshas of Mother. Heavy-Sticky Milk signifies Vitiated Kapha. Yellowish Tinge signifies Pitta Vitiation. Very Light (Drop it into water…) & Dry Milk signifies Vata Vitiation. Breast Milk of Ideal Quality would easily disappear & mix with water. Remedies provided should take care of Lactation failure and/or infected breast Milk (Stanya Dushti).

Please note the Mother doesn’t have to follow any Restraint at all. More the Mother Nurses, more of the Milk the Body Produces (if the Body metabolism is working optimally i.e.). It might take a few days for the complete/optimal breast milk flow to come to optimal levels.

Before Remedies to Lactation Failure-Increasing Breast Milk Production, Please Follow Under-Mentioned Link for ‘Consolidated List of Lifestyle-Eating Habits’ to be ‘As Strictly Followed as Possible’:

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